Friday, December 02, 2022

Mystery Update

Here are some of the blocks I have sewn for my scrappy version of the Quiltville mystery. The first step had us sewing 4 patches and 9 patches, which is a very fun way to ease into a project.  These are my 4 patches using the light polkadot in all the blocks.

I want to make a quilt that is a bit smaller than the pattern so I am making 2/3's of the number of blocks listed in the instructions. I can always make more blocks if needed once I see the design. 

I am enjoying using up my scraps according to value only. This photo makes me smile because I am sewing late at night, drinking tea in my Bonnie mug, and wearing my pink cow pyjamas!

Go to sleep for heaven's sake! You can sew more blocks tomorrow!

Here are some 9 patch blocks which can be used as an "I Spy". Can you find the stop sign, the dove, the kitten, the starfish, the butterfly, the swan, the panda, the ladybug, and the bird? So fun!

Okay... time for more fun now! I'm popping over to Quiltville to see what we will be sewing for step #2!


Janet O. said...

There was no doubt that you would be sewing with Bonnie. I just wasn't aware it would involve pink cow PJs! LOL
Oh, I am so guilty of the late night sewing. It is the only time I don't get pulled away for other people's needs (or demands--depending on the person). ;)

Turid said...

I really love your scrappy version Kathy. So fun to see all your happy blocks. I've started the next clue today. So fun.