Friday, February 05, 2021

Mystery Update

I spent a few hours this week sewing units for Morewood Mystery from Meadow Mist. I really like the pace of this mystery with one step each month. It's refreshing to pull out the bin of  happy fabrics and sew some block units, and then put it away for another month. It's a fun way to make a quilt. 
The quilt design reveal was posted yesterday, but I haven't looked at it yet to prolong the surprise until the weekend. There are so few things to look forward to these days, I like to hang on to the anticipation as long as I can! LOL

And... speaking of mystery quilts, there is a one day mystery on Super Bowl Sunday over at Scrapdash. I have been sewing mystery quilts designed by Kris for several years on Super Bowl Sunday and have made several lovely quilts. This year's pattern uses 4 fabrics of 1 yard each (plus a border fabric) and I am using white, yellow, grey and aqua to sew a gender neutral baby quilt. I don't have any one yard pieces in my stash (except lights), so I'll be using combinations of similar fabrics.

Are you joining in the mystery quilt fun on Sunday or are you watching the Super Bowl??!


Gretchen Weaver said...

I like the fabrics you've pulled for the mystery. I won't be watching the superbowl, (I dislike sports) and I won't be working on a mystery quilt, I already have so many of my own projects! Happy stitching and enjoy your weekend!

Julie in GA said...

I love your fabrics in the Morewood Mystery blocks, especially the scrappy backgrounds! Thanks for the link to the Super Bowl mystery.

Janet O. said...

I always laugh when I read about another mystery you are joining. You need to be inoculated against mystery SALs someday--but maybe not, if they bring you joy.
I will neither SAL on the Super Bowl mystery, nor watch the game.
But I did meet the woman who does your Scrap Dance mysteries on a Zoom sew-in recently. That was fun to be able to make that connection, because I remembered specifically your scrap dance Tango quilt, and she said all her mystery quilts were named for dances. :)