Friday, January 17, 2020

Machine Quilting Class Coming Soon!

feather quilting sample

In spite of my recent complaining about quilting my UFO project, I usually love machine quilting. I have taken many classes, and taught many classes on this topic over the years. There is so much to learn, and everyone has their own tips and tricks to make it enjoyable and successful.
And there are so many fun designs to experiment with!

ribbon candy and wishbones sample

I am teaching a machine quilting class at Triangle Sewing on Saturday January 25th, so join us if you want to learn 4 free motion quilting designs - feathers, ribbons, wishbones and swirls. 

I often hear things like "it's too hard", or "I'm not good at free motion quilting". But it only gets easier, and you become good at it, by PRACTICING. It's the only way to learn this skill.
swirls in small spaces sample

Part of the challenge with machine quilting is learning about teamwork. You and your machine are a team. With practice you learn to respect your sewing machine, discover what it is good at, what thread it prefers, and how to work together for the best outcome.
Click here for the Triangle Sewing contact info and join me for a fun day of practicing and improving your machine quilting skills!


SandraC said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I just wanted to pass along a link to my post for today, as I mention you and to lure you into a new sewalong, bwahhahaha!!!

Deb A said...

So true! I remembered at the end of FMQ my log cabin that my machine prefers the Alex Anderson thread.. not the connecting thread ones. Must find some before the next project..... maybe this weekend? I see a trip to the quilt store in my future. Good luck teaching your class. Wish I lived closer.

MissPat said...

Yes, practice makes perfect (well, close enough to perfect). I remember struggling to achieve a rhythm and smoothness and mostly even stitches without jerky spots. Then one day, suddenly, it happened. The averages person doesn't notice the bobbles that drive the quilter crazy.

Kate said...

I'm hoping to have more time when I retire to "practice" the quilting stuff, till then I'll just drool over everyone else's quilting.

Deanna W said...

If only I lived closer, I would join in this class in a heartbeat. I am enjoying my new machine and getting to use her. Not saying I am in love with machine quilting but I don't hate it now!!!