Monday, January 13, 2020

Frolic Update

Frolic pieces are on the design wall today. Up until last week we had sewn well over 1,000 pieces and blocks for this quilt. Who knew that frolicking is so labour intensive!?!

Step #7 pinwheels on the design board - raspberry and dark blues
I really enjoyed sewing step #7 which involved some triangle cutting, and some pinwheel making. I ran out of the red fabrics I had collected for this quilt, so had to go searching in the stash for more. Not finding any useful reds, the top left and top middle blocks were cut from my brother's dress shirts.

While happily frolicking along, I was overly enthusiastic and sewed too many pinwheel blocks for step #7! When step #8 was posted, I realized my mistake and started unsewing. Grrr... read the instructions, and re-read the instructions!

9 Sets for Frolic part #8
Once that was accomplished I started coordinating the parts to build the necessary sets. Here are the first 9. The pinwheels are on the bottom of the piles. 
I am using pink/salmon  instead of aqua, and gold instead of green. 

This has been such a fun and challenging mystery so far!
My 4 favourite sets that completely coordinate!
Even though I am a very experienced mystery quilt maker, this has kept me guessing, and made me really think to keep everything in order. I do miss the weekly link ups we used to have in previous Quiltville mysteries, but you can see some photos from the mystery quilters posted on instagram ... #Frolicquilt.  
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ButterZ said...

You have had to really read the directions. It took me a while to understand them.
I am getting together with my friend tomorrow night. She is a bit confused and needs help unravelling what she has done. We will get her sorted and on to the next step.
I really miss the link ups too.
No one has any idea of how this is going together

Sarah said...

I do love red and it's great to be repurposing your brothers old dress shirts (very snazzy if I may say so). I'm looking forward to the reveal!

Julierose said...

love those colors together that peach is a real zinger--watching and waiting for the big reveal...hugs, Julierose

karen said...

Yes, this has been an interesting one. I haven't given a thought to how it's going to come together! I'm following her paint chip suggestions this time as I've gone my own way with colors in the past & then kicked myself. Your sets look great!

Alison V. said...

Your blocks and units are looking great! This is my third time doing a Bonnie mystery QAL and this one is by far the most difficult one. I'm almost glad that I am behind on the clues because knowing what is coming is helping me make sure that I am making all of the previous clues correctly!

Janet O. said...

My question is, does your brother know about the shirts? LOL

Deanna W said...

My mystery has stalled as I am guessing as to the outcome. With that I am going OCD and wanting to place my blues in certain I wait!! I don't want to be doing any un-sewing~!!

Sally Trude said...

Thanks for the inspiration to return to Frolicking.

Kate said...

You've done really well at keeping up. Keeping all the sets together has been a bit of a challenge, making sure you've got the right parts in the two different sets. You've done a great job. Did you like the reveal?