Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Machine Quilting Again

Another baby quilt is needed this week so I have been machine quilting the project I started in May. I purchased the fabrics on a shop hop without a plan in mind and (fingers crossed) I hoped I had purchased enough to complete this quilt. 

I am quilting with my walking foot, just straight lines in a grid. 
Nothing exciting, but it's very relaxing.

I did decide to purchase new Machinger gloves as my old ones were way past done. 
Can you tell which are the old gloves and which are the new?!?! The old gloves were recently washed, so that is how they look when they're "clean". Oh my goodness! 
The grip tips were worn off and the thumb has a hole in the tip of the glove where I wore it right through!

Using the new gloves, I quilted a few diagonal lines. I am using the Hera marker to mark the quilting lines I need as I come to the space. You can see the cute backing fabric rolled over on the right (white stars on a soft grey).
I hope to meet the new baby soon, so I must get to work finishing up his quilt!


Louise said...

What a soft, sweet baby quilt! Love that gray backing. That's where you want to see lots of gray, not on the tips of your gloves! Mine look like that, too, yuck! Plus they get stretched out and start to fall off my hands. Time for new ones, I think :)

Deanna W said...

I found something as good as the Machinegers! My surprise for September!!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

That is going to be SEW sweet!! Best of luck with the finishing. That's a LOT of quilting you've been doing, if you've worn through your gloves!

Mary said...

Cute babies always need a Quilt! Whoa, you really needed new Machingers. I saw some purple one on Angela Walters that I thought I might get.

Karrin Hurd said...

Lovely quilt. My gloves look like your old ones!

Janet O. said...

The grid is a good quilting choice for this design.
My Machingers look just like that. :)

Deb A said...

Such a fun quilt! I've never used gloves while quilting... might need to look into that. Of course... I have not really 'finished' any quilts in a while either!