Monday, June 10, 2019

Aurifil May Block

The June block will soon be posted so I had to get going on my May DOM block by Andrea Tsang. The hold up was that I just didn't have the right solid fabrics to get the gemstone effect. Once I decided I wasn't going to worry about that and just use the fabrics I had on hand, I was off to the races!

Here's my Ruby Red block. It's a lot of empty space there on the bottom right. I think I'm going to have to put another block in that space. I know the "modern" quilters like empty space, but I'm not very modern. I think my version looks like I forgot to put something there!
I did notice an error in the pattern if you are going to sew it. To make the small ruby blocks in step 4, you use the 2" squares, not the 3.5" squares.
To see more versions of this block, click here.

Here are all my Aurifil DOM blocks on the design wall. It's an interesting collection and the split apple block from September is my favourite so far.

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Janet O. said...

Interesting block. The empty space is hard for those of us with a more traditional view. But I can see this block being a whole modern quilt of sparkling gems.

Louise said...

There's lots of diagonal movement in all these blocks. The new one is really pretty, like gem stones!

Kim said...

Oh wow.....all these blocks are fabulous. Love, love, love the colours. These are going to look amazing all together in a quilt!

Lisa J. said...

I also love the colours you are using in this quilt Kathy and I love that block. It's actually my favourite but it is quite different than the others. Maybe there will be more blocks with negative space in the future and then it will blend right in.