Sunday, April 21, 2019

Slow Sunday Stitching

Happy Easter and welcome to Slow Sunday Stitching where we celebrate the art of creating things with our hands, where we connect to our ancestors by using time-honoured techniques to make things we could easily buy for a fraction of the cost, and where we recognize the value we add to our lives by engaging in this restorative practice. 

Today I am binding my April UFO and you just know how much I love my binding by hand stitching time! It's exciting to be so close to finishing a project and to be able to spend some relaxing stitching time thinking about the project, and what it has taught you. I'll be posting this finish tomorrow for the Be A Diamond blog hop.

As a special treat today, I want to share a treasure that my friend Debby found (this is the same friend that found the antique paper needle books a couple of years ago). 

needle book side 1

This needle book is made of wood. The images on the outside depict St. John's Church on one side and the river Tay in Perth. I have no idea how they fastened the image to the wood but it really is a lovely piece of stitching history. If only we knew that history!

The blue fabric in the centre is quite fragile and worn. The paper needle folder in one of the pockets is literally disintegrating.

needle book side 2
I believe this needle book comes from Perth, Scotland but I was not able to find any information on this treasure online. Have you ever seen a wooden needle book before?

Are you celebrating Easter today? 
Easter cookies
We had our big dinner yesterday, so today I can relax, eat leftovers and stitch! I even made some labour intensive, one of a kind shortbread cookies for the celebrations.

If you are looking for an Easter project to make today, you can scroll through the 27 easter projects that Jacquelynne has posted for our enjoyment here

I hope you will link up your Easter hand stitching activities below. Happy Easter!

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SandraC said...

Those cookies look awesome! I will probably indulge in sweets a bit today, which is not a good thing as I get quite a bit of inflammation pain from sugar...already a difficult time last night getting to sleep with the pain....but sometimes it worth it :)

Created by Kathi said...

Good luck getting your binding done today and a family party... I love your cookies esp the basket with the jelly bean eggs... very festive all of them :) Wish I were there to enjoy the family get together :D Thanks for the linky.. finishing the bear stitching is my goal for the day ;) Kathi

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Working on binding is my favorite hand work project too. Have a great day!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

over the years we have done less and less for Easter to the point that it is just another Sunday to us unless we have company and this year no company - those cookies look good! I have never seen needles come in a little box like that - the photo on it might be like a little rubbing that is transferred by pressure?

Deb said...

Happy Easter to you and those cookies look so pretty. Enjoy your stitching and your day. Beautiful needlebook, I have several vintage advertisement needlebooks but haven't come across any like yours.

Chantal said...

I too have a binding to sew down. Mine is just a wee placemat though. Enjoy your slow stitches and the cookies. You got very creative with the icing. I love it. ;^)

Sarah said...

Wow, impressive looking cookies I must say! What a lovely find for your friend. Shame you can't find out more about the needle book but sometimes its just nice to think about who might have used it and what they might have stitched with it. Happy Easter.

Karrin Hurd said...

What a wonderful needlebook, and those cookies look amazing! Happy Easter! Thanks again for the linkup opportunity!

Cathy said...

Oh, I have some vintage sewing items but have never seen a wooden needle book.

Karen said...

Seeing the picture of the Easter cookies, now I have a craving for iced sugar cookies. Homemade ones.