Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Super Bowl Mystery

A few friends came over on Superbowl Sunday to sew the Scrapdash mystery quilt called "Garden Party". This mystery quilt pattern starts with a panel and each one of us had completely different panels and did the borders differently.

This is how my version turned out so far. I have a couple of borders still to add, but this is the start.

Here is Gayle's version with the funky tilted house panel and bright colours. She moved around all the border pieces for a fun effect.

This is Louise's version with soft monochromatic fabrics to go with the dragonfly panel.

Here is Joanne's vibrant version with her subtle bright red as a "neutral"! She also rotated her border pieces around and has one of the borders attached.

This is Marg's version with a Nancy Halvorsen Christmas panel. She went with the colour blocked corners.

This is a great way to use up a panel. You can find the information at Scrapdash.

We really sewed up a storm and I have proof... this is how my sewing machine looked under the faceplate.... eeewwwww!
Time for a deep clean under the face plate!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

LOL at your sewing machine mine gets that bad sometimes and I just cleaned my featherweight of all that the other day

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I really like Louise' version. I'm not much on neutrals, but her's pops.

Sherry said...

Each one of the quilts are great. I'm drawn to the dragonfly panel but I love how the borders complement each of the center panels.

Great job done by all. Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

How different each looks depending on the panel used.

Sarah said...

Interesting use of the panel fabric and borders!

Louise said...

What a fun pattern to use with panels! Thanks for sharing all these varieties made by your friends. It's really helpful to see other colors and border ideas :)

Mary said...

Nice job ladies. The Football game was a flop, but not your Mystery Stich-a-Thon.

Janet O. said...

All the same, yet each so different. Fun to see the variety.
Oh, I love cleaning the lint out of my machine. I get an odd sort of satisfaction from doing it. :)

Kate said...

Same pattern and all so different. What a fun way to celebrate a pretty lame game.