Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hand Piecing and Blog Hops

block #4 in progress

Block #4 of the hand piecing quiltalong is together. Since I use thin Clover Black Gold needles that stitch through fabric like a hot knife slices butter, the eye of the needle is very tiny. The Clover needle threader has become worth it's weight in gold in doing this hand piecing project!

In the fourth lesson we learned how to make QST blocks, and although it is easy by machine, I discovered it's not as easy by hand. Some of the corners are wayyyyyy offff! But I cropped them out in this photo so you can't see them. I wonder how my project is going to come together :)

Here's the link to the Hand Piecing Quiltalong at Elm Street Quilts.

And remember there are 2 quilty blog hops going on this week. Let's encourage our quilting friends by visiting their blog and remember to leave a comment so they know you visited!

 These are the "Show Your Wings" blogs:

These are the "Dust off a Quilt Book" blogs: 

Wednesday Feb 20th

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Deb A said...

Great block! I found I had to actually use pins this week when working on the blocks. Looks like 4 more of them for block 5 too!

Ellen said...

I really like those needles as well - they are my go to for hand quilting. :)

Mary said...

Been hand stitching myself. Gotta rest my hands a lot though, getting old isn't for sissies. Especially my thumb that holds the pieces together. Always looking for a better needle, thanks.

Janet O. said...

I haven't tried those needles, but they sound divine!
Isn't photo cropping wonderful? :)
It is a pretty block.

Shasta Matova said...

I haven't done any handpiecing, but there is a quick block I am difficulty sewing with a machine, so may switch to hand piecing to make it.