Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Block #6 is going to be posted today for those of you who are having a blast with the Blockheads. I have finished 4 of the 5 blocks so far. The 4th block was applique and I haven't printed off the template yet to work on that one.
But block #5 was a real challenge. 
And I like quilting challenges. 
I also really like small pieces, but wowzer this was hard!
I am embarrassed to admit how long this block took to make, and how many times the seam ripper was used. Part of the challenge was that I wanted all the background pieces to be going in the same direction. What was I thinking?!?!

Oh well, it's done now, the points aren't too terrible, and the size is almost right, so I'm calling it "close enough". For the math lovers, there are 58 pieces in this 6" block called "Coronation Star".
Here are my first four blocks on the design wall.
Let's see what block #6 will be... click here.


julieQ said...

I have not done that one due to that very reason...congratulations!

kate steeper said...

by know i would have chucked it in the workbasket in disgust , sadly im a quilter with little patience

Needled Mom said...

That is a lot of pieces - and points - to match up. Good job.

Janet O. said...

I am reading so much on blogs about how challenging this one was--of course, you made it more so by wanting all of the background going the same direction. : )
Makes me want to try it just to see for myself how frustrated I would get. (But the train has left the station--I haven't made a single block for this SAL and at this point I doubt I will start.)
In spite of the frustration it caused, I think your block looks great!

karen said...

Wow, that does look like a hard many pieces! Yours looks great, though.

MissPat said...

I was still in FL when this BOW started, but I saved the blocks intending to catch up. But the beehive applique with absolutely no directions and then this 6" block with 58 pieces, changed my mind. I have enough other projects going right now so I'm sitting this one out.

Preeti said...

58 little pieces??? I quilt to reduce stress. This block would definitely increase my stress levels :-p
Kudos to you for successfully completing it. The coronation star block is definitely praiseworthy.
And also, thank you for visiting my blog - Sew Preeti Quilts.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh yours are beautiful!! I like how you have that mustard fabric to tie them all in together.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Looking good and looks like Block 5 is a REAL challenge. Keep up the good work!

Deb A said...

Wow! I admit I am a little afraid of this one.... but once GC gets done (it is a top again with borders this time!) I'm petal to the medal on these blocks.

Teresa said...

Your block looks great. I took my time with mine too, but was disappointed when it was done. I thought I was measuring to make sure all would fit just right, but when I went to square it was too big and now I am going to lose my points on the outer edge. Sigh...guess I will try again. But it took me right at 4 hours to make this one.

Kate said...

That's a lot of pieces for one block! It turned out beautifully.