Thursday, August 06, 2015

Yes I Am Starting a New Project!

Okay I started a new quilting project, but I have a "good" excuse.  When sewing my Vortex blocks, I found some long strips that I could use to make one of Sujata's Rail Fence quilts. I don't really like these colours... they are too muddy or something. But they are perfect to experiment with a new block construction technique.
Cultural Fusion Quilts
Rail Fence QuiltAlong

Did you see that Sujata has a quiltalong for this project?
How can I resist when I have the fabrics and the inspiration?
Did you see Barb's quilt?
Did you see Lynne's version?

So I took the long strips I found, downsized the instructions, and made my first few blocks. They were fun to sew! I think I will like this process (which is totally different from the improv of the vortex blocks).
I made 4 blocks with the salmon colour and started with a blue strip. You have to concentrate when doing the block layout to get the placement of the 16 pieces going in the same direction.

This block is going off the rails. Good thing I caught that before the block was sewn together!

Grab the Cultural Fusion book, which is full of colourful eye candy and quilty inspiration, and join in the fun!


Barbara said...

"Because I want to" is all the excuse you need to start a new project.

Mystic Quilter said...

It is a great project, I too contribute to Cultural Fusion Quilts Blog and pulled a bunch of fabrics yesterday to start cutting!

Deanna W said...

Naughty naughty!!! Oh love the salmon coloured fabric. I have some that I am saving to put with some piggy looks like curly piggy tails!!
SInce when do we need an excuse to start something new?

Kate said...

Fun blocks! It's a great way to get some fabric out of the stash into something fun.


Gina said...

Great blocks. That will make a great quilt