Friday, August 07, 2015

What we know, and what we don't

I made a quick trip this week to Quilt Junction to get some backing fabric for a couple of quilts. I have shopped at the junction many times (and quilted there too!) but just because I have been somewhere before, does not mean I know how to get there again!  I got quite lost on the way, because there is more than one highway #24. Apparently there is an old one and a new one, plus a highway 24A. Who knew?!? Well, now I know and I hope I remember this when I visit next time.

The "detours" did not prevent me from getting to the junction and buying exactly what I "needed", including two quilt backs from the discount table. Isn't that great key fabric?!?

One of the unique experiences that happen when you're a quilt blogger and guild speaker, is you often meet people that you don't know, but who know you. 
This happened again today at the quilt store. I met Pat who is an employee at the Quilt Junction and she reads my blog. She started talking to me about the use of scraps in a vortex quilt. It took me a few minutes to adjust and realize that Pat reads my blog, and she knows what I'm sewing, even though I don't know her.
And then Pat told me about her sister Heather who lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick who just bought a 120 year old treadle, which she named "Beatrice". She said that Heather reads my blog too, so I am giving a shout out to Heather... are you reading today Heather? I'm so excited for you to find a real treasure in that treadle and hope you enjoy it! And thanks for reading my blog! What a small world!
This weekend I will be at the Fergus Scottish Festival. It's so much fun and I try to attend every year. You can read my blog posts from 2012 and 2014 to see what goes on. This year I'll be in the heritage tent showing how to make rag rugs. Drop by and say hello... even if I don't know you, you'll know me :)


  1. You are such a quilting celebrity! I love the key fabric. Sounds like a fun weekend ahead...maybe you will meet more people who already know you!!!!

  2. Quick trip to Waterford? Where the heck do you live? I would consider a quick trip to a quilt store if it were 15 minutes away. I popped in there last month (my first time there) but it was just one stop on my Row my Row Experience road trip. Very peaceful surroundings.

  3. You are directionally challenged!! Where we lack some talents we make up for in other areas!!! Have fun this weekend, guess you won't be coming north for the quilt show!?! That is where I will be all weekend.

  4. The trip to Waterford is worth the drive. I wish I was thinking about quilt backs when I was there. Maybe I'll have to go back!

  5. I'd recognize you!! : )
    Sounds like the namer of roads in your area could use some help.

  6. I wish I had been there that day to meet you! I was there on the weekend and will probably be there again next week to sign up for the mystery BOM.

    Last year at Quilt Canada I saw a woman that I was sure was you...I actually approached her and exclaimed, "Kathy, from Kathy's Quilts"!!!......she replied, "Ummm, noooo"

  7. Very fun for you to meet people who appreciate your blog.:)

  8. Yes Kathy I'm reading today. Thanks for the shout out!. Love your blog. With the acquisition of Beatrice the Singer 27, I hope to keep my vintage sewing machine herd to 3, which also includes my mother's 201-3 and a 1952 Featherweight. It was really nice to meet you at a Norfolk County quilt guild meeting a couple of years ago when I was home for a visit.
    Heather from New Brunswick

    1. Hey Heather! Glad you're reading and spotted the message just for you!
      Enjoy your machines!

  9. My brother started rag rugging last year, using old t-shirts. He has a canal boat and wanted a small rug to stand on at the kitchen sink - he's now made 2 and the 3rd one is even bigger :)

  10. What a great post lol you see, anonymity isn't guaranteed as a blogger lol
    Is that an ordinary kind of crochet hook your using for your rug, it looks to be flatter somehow?

  11. You found some pretty fabrics. Enjoy your weekend. One of these days I'm going to make one of those fabric rugs.

  12. It's so cool meeting people that read your blog! Quilt Junction looks like a cool place!