Saturday, May 02, 2015

Scrappy Saturday - Green

The scrap colour this month is green, which is perfect for May sewing. Green is just starting to appear in my neighbourhood, and the sunshine this week is helping the grass and plants (and humans) come to life again.
I have been sewing more little 2.25" Alamo Star blocks as leader/enders, and here are my newest green ones. I enjoy deciding what to put in the centre (it really doesn't take much to entertain me!)  Sometimes I put the background fabric in the centre (as in the bottom two blocks), sometimes I put the star point fabric in the centre (as in the purple block) and sometimes I put a totally random square in there (as in the top left block). 
Hop over to SoScrappy to see what other quilters are cooking up with their green scraps.
After sewing a bit this morning, I am off to day #2 of the quilt show. Yesterday was great fun, and my unbiased opinion is that this is a terrific quilt show! And because this is green month for the Rainbow Scrap quilters, I will show you one example of my fellow quilter's brilliance and creativity.

This quilt display is from a "special interest" group project - the quilters started with the photograph in the centre, using it as the inspiration for their quilts. (If you click on the photo, you can biggie size it and see more details).

And here is my Journey of a Quilter! I am so happy to have it hanging at a quilt show put on by the people who have inspired my quilting journey, and surrounded by quilts they have made. 
Today I feel very blessed to be surrounded by so many creative people!


  1. Oh my your Journey of a Quilter is stunning. I love it, love everything about it. So pretty!

  2. Cute little stars. Awesome Journey quilt.

  3. Fun stars. Green is such a fun color to sew with.

  4. Your quilt looks GREAT hanging in the show!! LOVE those "special interest" quilts... thanks for including those in your post!

  5. Great Challenge. I am happy to see your Journey Quilt in your show. Looking great!

  6. Your Journey of a Quilter looks stunning, wonderful quilt. And your little stars are just too cute. Liked your saying about it does not need much to entertain you. Kind of feel the same way. A few little scraps and the day is just great.

  7. I like the randomness of your fabric placement on the Alamo Stars.
    The interpretations of the photo are amazing!

  8. Just love those sparkly alamo stars. And your journey is amazing.

  9. Your approach to the Alamo Stars is the same one I use for my scrappy shoo-fly and churn dash blocks. Fun, isn't it? :- ) Your quilt in the show looks great.