Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cozy Afternoon Beading - Silk Thread

I am preparing some blocks for the reveal of the free Cozy Afternoon Block of the Month.  The first patterns will be available on June 15th. Have you signed up yet? Click here to join in.
Playing with wooden beads

I had fun playing in the bead box and picking just the right beads for these flowers.
When attaching the beads, I tried out the new silk thread I bought last week. 

Kimono Silk Thread

It is a finer thread than Nymo, which is my usual beading thread. And it didn't seem to split as much on the ends so threading the needle was easier. I must say after my first experience that I really like this thread and look forward to using it more.


Deanna W said...

I am signed up!!

Deanna W said...
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Janet O. said...

I've never done beading, but I must say that you have very fun beads there. I'll bet your whole collection is amazing.

Mary said...

Looks fun! Stitching and Beading, your kind of playtime. The beads look like buttons. I think they would work on this stitchery too.

Judy said...

I use the Kimono silk thread for my hand applique work. I prefer the Nymo for my bead work, especially if the beads are heavy. This silk is a bit too light for many beads. The MIYUKI thread that Ann Marie recommended is quite a bit heavier, more like a 40 weight polyester size. I will look forward to your thoughts on the Kimono with the beads. I found the Miyuki thread at That Bead lady in Newmarket.

Kate said...

Very pretty! Just perfect for a spring project.