Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Scrap Batting - Dog Beds

In January I wrote a blog post about how to use leftover batting scraps - click here to read it. One of the ideas was to make a dog bed. Most people throw small batting scraps, block trimmings, and scraps into the trash. 
But I save everything, and yes I have a "problem" (actually more than one!) Only fabric scraps that are less than 1" go into little dog beds (everything that is 1" goes to the Omigosh tin and everything larger than 1" goes into scrap bins)Batting scraps are only saved if they are larger than 6". Any smaller batting scraps go into a dog bed.

For example, you know when you are trimming a quilt to put the binding on? What do you do with the extra batting that you cut off?
I cut the batting into smaller hunks and stuff it into either an old pillowcase, or a bag that I have stitched with old fabric.
Full dog bed on the left & new bag being filled on the right.

Eventually you end up with a bag full of soft filling that makes a comfy little bed for an animal at the humane society shelter. These are used temporarily as they are hard to wash and dry, but they do give some comfort to a homeless furry creature for a period of time. And it gives my quilting garbage one more job to do before it hits the landfill.


  1. I am pretty much like you when it comes to saving scraps and batting. I have never made mine into a pillow case like that, but, I do give all of the fabric trimmings to some people I know that make dog beds. Way to go!

  2. I "suffer" from the same ailment. My tiny scraps of batting and fabric go into a bag and are given to a friend who makes dog beds. I feel better knowing nothing is wasted. :-)

  3. I too save all my scraps and batting. I don't use them for dog beds though. I use them for potholders or for weather pillows for the bottom of my doors.

  4. a great way to repurpose what might otherwise be trash...

  5. What a great way to use up every last scrap.