Monday, August 11, 2014

NO Design Wall?!?!

I have no idea what's on my design wall. 
Sad but true!
I have spent the past two days at the Fergus Highland Games and had such a great time.
The weather could not have been more spectacular for the games this year. Blue skies and sunny but not humid. 

Is there anything better 
than men in kilts?!?

Well, yes there is!

Kilts + Quilts!

The butterfly comfort quilt was finished in two days. This was the last roll on the frame to finish quilting the center blocks. Here is Virginia hard at work. Today we are suffering with back pain from too much time around the frame!

We also enjoyed fantastic music all weekend long. My favorite was a group from BC called "Town Pants". 
Weird name - great music! Look at the little guy on the right. He was quite the character.

 Of course he soon ended up on stage playing the bass drum with the band! 

Well, it's back to real life now and I will venture into the sewing room to see what's been going on in there. Maybe the quilting fairies have been finishing my projects while I've been away?


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun and it was perfect weather this weekend!

  2. What a lovely weekend. Oh, if I sat on those metal chairs for even an hour, I wouldn't be able to move!

  3. Glad you had a fun week-end. Guys in Kilts with Quilts is a good combo. How big was the Butterfly quilt? It used to take more than a few days for the quilts at my house to be finished when mom had the ladies all come.

  4. Good choice to spend time outdoors on a beautiful weekend vs a design wall post. How pleasant to be able to quilt outdoors.

  5. I have read all your post about the Highland games. It sounds like such a great event and like you had a great time with your quilting friends! I can't believe you can even walk after sitting in one of those metal chairs for that long! I would have needed a cushion or something.

  6. Would have loved this festival!
    I feel your pain. I can't ever spend more than an hour or two at a quilt frame at any one time.

  7. Those little fairies have been absent from my sewing room too! Although maybe they can't find it as I keep moving rooms..haha!!

  8. Looks like a perfect time and lots of fun

  9. que día mas entretenido, y seguro habría alguna Hada en el cuarto de costura.
    Feliz semana!!!

  10. Oh, what fun! Wish I were there, lol! :). Happy Tuesday!

  11. Looks like a you had a wonderful time.