Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Rug is Finished!

My 2014 rug is finished!
This is a small, two colour rug for my kitchen.  I used the Aunt Philly's Toothbrush tool and instructions. 
To see the other rugs I have made, click here for 2012 scrappy rug, and here for 2013 co-ordinated blue and yellow rug.
I bought yardage on sale for this rug (as opposed to using scraps) and it took 4 meters of fabric. 
I wish there was more green to add around the outside, but that is as much fabric as I had. So this rug cost me $16 to make...not bad for a rug that is machine washable that will outlast me! It is the flatest rug I have made so far.

I tried to teach my grandpup Max how to pose for photos but he had a difficult time comprehending.
"Okay, so you want me to do what?"

"You want me to actually sit on the rug and I won't get in trouble?"

"Show me the treats, and I'll think about it!"

He is a work in progress!


  1. oh what an adorable model ! love the rug, I have wanted to try making one of these for a long time. I certainly have strips I could use!!!! but I do like the 2 colors, great price for a rug mho !

  2. You have a great rug here. Very appealing!

  3. What a cute rug. I'm not familiar with the Aunt Philly's Toothbrush tool ... and I'm heading to the link you provided right now.

  4. Love how your rug turned out and you had a great model for it too! Even if he needed a treat! lol Kathi

  5. Your model is doing a great job! Nice rug too!

  6. Another finish for this year! Working with animals..can be a hardship. Feeling your pain/joy...we got a new puppy this past weekend. Oh how I forget what it is like to have a little one in the house! Pics to come!!

  7. LOVE the rug...I bought one of those tools a few years back and have not yet tried it out. My grandmother used to braid and make huge floor rugs and I have always wanted to try one. Thanks for the beautiful nudge!

  8. My Mom likes to make these rugs. She does all scrappy, but I love this two color. Beautifully done.

  9. Great looking rug ... Do you know why this one is flatter? Experience or fewer scrappy seams?

    Max has great potential!

  10. Bravo - nice finish and Max is a cutie!
    How wide are your strips? I started a rug recently and it's soooo stiff and heavy.

  11. I am as impressed by the little hand made rug as I am by the fact that you found fabric for $4/m!

  12. I love your rug! I am sure as soon as you put your camera up Max sat right down on the rug! lol