Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last Scrappy Saturday Post for 2013

I have been participating in Angela's scrap challenge since January 2011 and it has been such a great experience!  I am so delighted that she is continuing the challenge into next year!! I have made so many fun blocks, sewn up a ton of scraps and enjoyed the comradery of fellow scrap lovers every Saturday on the scrappy link up party.
For the last few weeks I have been thinking about the Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects that I have worked on over the past year, and have been trying to decide which ones will continue and which ones might need to be finished. 
Here is the list of my scrap challenge projects:

1) Palm Branches 
This block pattern ("Red Herring")is from Kristy at the Quiet Play blog. By the way, Kristy has a fun free BOM starting in January - Sew Kitschy
It has been a while since I sewed some palm branch blocks, but I still really like them. They are great for using up really small scraps since the blocks finish at 6" x 7".  I enjoy paper piecing, and am happy to have a regular chance to make one of these blocks.  I would like to add more blocks to this collection, so this project will continue next year. 

2) Carrie Nation 
This project is just "OK" for me. I wouldn't mind finishing this one up in early 2014 since I don't really enjoy piecing them. I don't seem to have 2.5" squares readily available and have sometimes ended up looking for yardage to cut into and that is not really the purpose of this challenge. Also these blocks lack challenge for me and I'd like to do something else, although they do make a great scrappy quilt. So the plan for this one is to make a few more blocks and make it into a finished quilt asap. 

3) Alamo Stars 
OH yah... I love these tiny little star blocks. They are 2.25" and are like little sparkly diamonds. I like how some blocks have the star fabric centers and some have background centers. That was a good decision!  
I sure have used up a lot of tiny batik scraps... and these blocks are a perfect leader/ender project. It is hard to describe why these blocks make me so happy, when I am sewing them and when I am admiring them!!  There are many more finished blocks which I have to find somewhere in my sewing room, and then will take a more recent photo of the whole collection. The Alamo Stars will definitely continue into next year.

4) Pumpkin Seeds 

I started this project to try to improve my applique stitch, and I think  have accomplished that goal. My curves are smoother and my points are pointier, and I think I'm ready to move on to other applique challenges now. But I do want to round out the balance, so this year I will focus on adding more colours that are needed in this quilt. The challenge with this project right now is the goal that I set of making this a true charm quilt and finding different neutral background squares. I think this would be a fun quilt to hand quilt next year... or the year after that!

5) Omigosh 
This is a multi year, long term scrap project. The blocks are tiny and are perfect for using up my 1" scraps. It will continue into 2014 and likely in the years to follow! I am just really getting started on this one.

6) Spools 
What can I say? I love these little scrappy blocks. They will continue next year for sure! Sometimes they are leader/ender blocks and sometimes I just cut and sew them for relaxing fun! I need to get a more recent photo of this block collection too and start to figure out how many more blocks are needed for a bed sized quilt (this one is for ME!) and in which colours.

7) Crumbs
I don't know why, but I seem to have lost interest in this project over the year. There are enough blocks to make a nice size lap quilt for the comfort quilt collection at my guild so maybe it's time to finish this one up.

As I write this blog post I am thinking about how amazing it is that little bits of fabric and time add up to such beauty! 
Each of these projects uses up specific kinds of scraps and participating in this challenge has helped me be more organized and thoughtful about my scrap problem collection (although you wouldn't believe that if you saw my quilting studio!)
Also I am thinking about how much I love each one of these projects. But I also know that it is important to clear out old energy to make room for the new... and we all know how much I love to start new quilting projects! So for 2014, my plan will be to finish up two of these projects (Carrie Nation and Crumbs) and continue with the other five. To see what other scrap challenge quilters are working on at the end of 2013, hop over to the SoScrappy link up.


Pam said...

Very impressive. I like how you have figured out what to bring to a close and which ones to carry on with. I need to do the same with my assorted projects. Well done!

Karen said...

My favorite is the Pumpkin Seeds. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to decide what to do with some fabrics in my stash. Not all from the same line of fabric. Nothing was making me happy. Now you have me thinking.

Terri in BC said...

Love all your projects! I think I'm going to join in on the RSC14 challenge as I love working with my bits and pieces, and already have a collection of small blocks.

Kate said...

All of your projects are beautiful and they demonstrate so many ways you can use scraps. I'm looking forward to seeing your 2014 projects.

Janet O. said...

I knew you had several RSC projects going, but I had never really counted. There are a lot of projects here, girl! And I love them all!! Can't wait to see what new ones you come up with for 2014.
And I can be patient and wait until you get the Alamo Stars finished before I creep into your house at night and spirit it away! : )

soscrappy said...

So much rainbow happiness! Each project makes me smile. Knowing when to finish off an old project and which to keep going on with is all part of the fun. It really is nice not to "have" to finish off a certain number of blocks or follow someone else's pattern. So glad you have some projects to continue with in the new year.

beaquilter said...

these look awesome!! fun for next year too.... are you joining my GO QAL too?? I might combine both sometime.... rainbow go quilts?

Deanna W said...

You crazy many projects!! I would be happy to get the UFO done that I started before I moved and that was 6 years ago. I won't even mention how many I have acquired in the last 6 years!! Guess I know what my goal should be for 2014!
Wishing you all the best in 2014, more fun and happy times!
Hugs to you my friend!!!
Your Northern Blog Stalker

Julie in GA said...

You have such a great collection of rainbow projects! It's hard for me to pick my favorite, but it might be the spools. It sounds like finishing up a couple of them will be very satisfying for you.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Oh my! What a great post... my head is spinning with ideas for 2014 and I love reading your assessment of each of your projects. And yes, it is amazing how scraps turn into beauty!

Dasha said...

Such pretty blocks! Every one of them. I am planning to jump into the challenge next year, but have been a bit pathetic - only intended to do one project. You put me to shame. LOL

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful blocks and projects!! It seems like there is always one or two more projects just waiting to get started!

Beth said...

Oh! I love all the rainbows! I am still working on a postage stamp for my leaders and enders, but that Carrie Nation just calls my name! Isn't it great there are so many patterns? What sings for you is different than what sings to me. Love it!

margaret said...

you have lots on the go but good to see you are so organised, I had a lesson on scraps earlier in the month and now saving smaller bits than I used to, not sure if they will ever be used though

audrey said...

All your projects look amazing. Love that you've done all that from scraps!

Lisa said...

You've certainly achieved a lot but my favourite is the Palm Branches which look really effective.