Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quilter's Bucket List

I have been stitching away on my treadle and thinking about how much I love the old "people powered machines" (PPM's for short). Click here to see Missy's hand crank machine post and then tell me if you don't HAVE to have one too!  I have been dreaming about how much I want to have my own hand crank machine, and thought I must put that on my "bucket list". 

On the Quilty Pleasures blog last week there was a post describing a quilter's "bucket list" of 100 things every quilter should do/try. To get the checklist to download, click here
I scored 93 out of 100, and I could add 100+ more fun quilty things to that list.
What are the 7 things haven't I done?
Haven't gone to Houston, have no interest in Pinterest or Facebook (I know, I am "old school"), haven't yet made a piped binding, don't have a quilty bumper sticker, have not yet organized my stash (LOL!!!), and have never read my sewing machine manual "cover to cover" (seriously, who reads instructions?!?). 
On that bucket list, there are 2 things I do still hope to do and will put on my own bucket list: 1) go to the Houston Quilt Show some day, and 2) try the piped binding tutorial. But there are lots of other things I want to do someday, which mostly involve quilting, traveling and holidays... go to the Sisters Outdoor quilt show, take a quilt class at Paducah, take an international quilt class (how about a Hawaiian quilting class in Hawaii!?) or maybe even a quilting bus tour adventure or a cruise!
What would you add to your quilty bucket list?
Snow has arrived here and it was minus 10 degrees when I walked the dog this morning, so I'm not planning to do much outside for the next, ummm 5 months! I will have lots of evening hours to enjoy my quilting and dream about what to add to my own bucket list.


  1. I read that blog post too.. I even thought about blogging about my thoughts on it... thanks for doing it for me by posting your quilty goals :). I want a vintage feedsack quilt top to hand quilt, I want to make a spool quilt, I want to learn needleturn applique well, I wanted to hand piece and am learning that now! Finally, I want to do something with hexi's and dresden plates but can't figure it out... love both but don't need 2 quilts... maybe dresdens in the middle and hexi flowers appliqued to the edges??? Ideas ideas! Thanks for a great post and enjoy that chilly weather as I enjoy 78 and partly sunny here :) Kathi

  2. I think there were 13 things that I hadn't done on the list. Some (facebook and pinterest) I'll never do. Also, why check out a quilting book from the library, when I have way more quilt books than they have? She really needed to add: make a block or quilt BY HAND. or, English paper piecing..... still more. Gee, I've done both of those.

  3. Snow here too :)

    FB: for family ( when my son had a new baby and was in Iraq, I got a good camera for pics and videos and uploaded alot there...so FB is for my grand and family. Started a blog one for Homespun but don't really do anything with it. Pinterest...started some boards and then forget to keep up with it, as in maybe I'll pin something for a recipe or whatever but I don't remember to keep putting my stuff on there.
    If I managed to have a blog, why would I get people to go to Facebook to "Like" me when all that I am doing there is sending them to my blog. Don't twit, Google +...I am on there but it is a mystery. Don't instagram and I am sure there is more out there that I don't do, lol. Where do people find the time? :)

  4. I've never been to Houston either Kathy, but I have taken a class at Paducah. I do have a treadle machine, but I haven't used it yet - it needs belt work I think. There are so many things in the quilt world that I still want to do...

    I'm going now to go check out that list :)

  5. Although I didn't keep a tally. Most of the ones I have not done yet are Paducah, visit Houston, don't like art quilts so won't make one, and bobbin play. Not sure what that is though! My list would more have all the UFO that I would like to finish or the projects that I have fabric for and haven't started. There just isn't enough time!!!

  6. A treadle machine is still on my bucket list--so is a featherweight.
    (I love that quilt block in your photo, BTW.)
    So many things on that list I haven't done and probably never will do, but I am still having fun! : )

  7. I have so many things on my quilting bucket list that I do hope to live long enough to do them all!

    We got the snow today too - I have already started hunkering down in my warm and cozy sewing room for the winter!

  8. My Quilter's Bucket list includes Paducah or Houston. There is a Quilt Museum in Nebraska that would be fun to go to also. If you get to ever come to SISTER's I'll meet you there! I would love a 'Red Eye" Vintage machine someday too. Bonnie Hunter has me looking. My Featherweight needs a little TLC right now, it isn't stitching as neat as it should. No snow here YET!

  9. Wonderful bucket list...and I would like a pedal machine...lucky you!

  10. I too would love to go to Houston one day. Your treadle machine is wonderful,Grannie ahd a frister and rossman, not sure what Dad did with it way back in the late 60`s. wish he had passed it my way though. My younger daughter has just been given a singer crank machine, she does not sew and is not interested but does not seem to want to let me have a play, will wear her down soon by nagging her I hope!It was her paternal grandmother`, her Dad has kept it behind the kitchen door in his flat since his Mum passed away in the 8o`s not sure why he has decided to part with it now.

  11. A quilter's bucket list. Good idea. It may help me to prioritize. Other major shows that are realistic to travel from Ontario and Michigan are the National Quilters Show in Columbus, Ohio and American Quilters Show in Grand Rapids. They are awesome as are the vendors.