Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Baby Quilt Finished

A universal truth = every new baby needs it's own quilt.
My daughter's new fur baby needed me to produce a jiffy quick quilt. I found some perfect fabric in my flannel scraps bin which was leftover from a flannel dog quilt I made for my nephew many years ago.  Isn't it just perfect for a new fur baby?!?!

I just pieced the scraps, used the pillowcase method  to join the layers, and did two lines of SITD quilting.  
Easy peasy baby quilt! 

OMG Max is so sweet!
I am a proud puppy Grandma!

This is the adorable backing I found in the flannel scraps - snuggly bears for this little fluffy bear cub.


  1. Too cute. I have made my share of doggie baby quilts too!!
    Found out yesterday...I have a quilt emergency..want to finish this UFO but have absolutely NO black for binding!! Oh well think I can find another UFO to work on!! haha

  2. He is adorable and it looks like he is really enjoying his new quilt.

  3. So cute, he will stay so snuggly warm in his new quilt.

  4. OMG, he is so stinkin' cute! Makes me want to find one of my very one. Nice blankie Grandma!

  5. Methinks someone is terribly smitten with their new grandpuppy!
    So cute--what breed?
    You did a good job creating an appropriate, quick puppy quilt!

  6. You've done very good Grammy! Is the blankie to stay at your house or go to his own house? I love the little dogs in the flannel. Yes, what breed? Enjoy him.

  7. Cute quilt - and dog! Good luck with getting your Easy Street into its final stages: you can do it! And then we are all 'allowed' to start Bonnie's next mystery ;-)

  8. Awww... that is the cutest thing!

  9. looks like the little one loves his new quilt

  10. That little one is way too cute!