Wednesday, November 13, 2013

People Powered Machines

I mentioned yesterday that I am coveting a hand crank machine, but seriously, it's becoming an obsession, and I have been trolling the Kijiji ads to find the right one for me (ie. one that I can afford that is in good condition).
Why am I doing this? 
Heaven knows I don't need another sewing machine! 
But these are so cute and adorable and amazing!
Just look at this video... can you even imagine using a modern 2013 technology to plow a field, while you use OLD 1885 technology to sew! Amazing!

Doesn't this look like fun?
Sometimes Bonnie Hunter sews on her hand crank machine during QuiltCam time... which is live tonight at 9 pm. 
Drop by and see what machine she is sewing on this week. 
I will be treadling along with QuiltCam fans - until I get my "new" hand crank machine! LOL


  1. I love your quilt on your header. I was wondering if the fabric was all Kaffe Fassett and if you used a pattern for the quilt. I just love how pretty and cheerful that it turned out. I look forward to reading your blog. Here is hoping you find a hand crank machine.

  2. Good luck in your search! I'm coveting a treadle machine myself!

  3. Oh Kathy, I hope you find one and soon!

  4. What one more machine? DH has like 5 why not I say!!!! I love my featherweight and just got a treadle...a crank is a ways off for me but do hope you find what you are looking for! Wouldn't have believed the video but learned about GPS in tractors this summer and have heard of other quilters working away doing hand work while in the tractors.At least you know no one is going to bother you or need you to find something!!!

  5. That is SO COOL, Kathy. I was grinning through the whole video. I'd like to have Becky as a friend--someone who can come up with a way to quilt while doing chores is worth knowing, and I hope you find your machine! : )

  6. What you need to do is convert a machine to a hand crank. Easy peasy! I'd suggest finding a Singer 15, 66 or 99. If you find a Singer 66 with Red decals, check to make sure that it is NOT back clamping, and that it has the screw for the motor boss below the hand wheel. If the machine comes with a spoked hand wheel, then that is a bonus (saves you purchasing one). Most Singers are able to be converted to hand cranks. You can purchase the hand crank, too (along with a spoked hand wheel, if needed). It takes about 5 minutes to take the motor off, and put on the hand crank. If you were closer, I have a few Singer 66's sitting around, just for this purpose.

  7. What a shame you don't live in New Zealand. I have two hand cranks i have decided to sell

  8. so what year is this one? my trudy is a 1926 and waiting for her job to find one of course...a singer...making progress

  9. Now you've got me looking! I had the chance to have my mother-in-laws treadle at one point but didn't really have a place for it to it went to someone else. I kinda regret it now! :o(