Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery Starting

Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery Celtic Solstice is starting on Friday and I am so excited! I have enjoyed every Bonnie mystery quilt I have sewn since the inaugural mystery in 2008. 
This is my Quiltville mystery inventory:
1. Carolina Crossroads - started in 2008 and finished in 2010
2. Orange Crush - started in 2008 and finished in 2009
3. Double Delight - started and finished in 2009 
4. Carolina Christmas - started in 2009 and half the blocks became a finished quilt in 2011 (the other half are still in a pile)
5. Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll - started 2010 and still waiting for borders
6. Orca Bay - started in 2011 and hoping to become a finished quilt this month!
7. Easy Street - started in 2012 and very close to being a finished top
I notice that sometimes I follow Bonnie's colour recommendations fairly closely (Easy Street) and sometimes I veer off randomly in a totally different direction (Orca Bay). Sometimes the decision is based on my fabric stash and what I have that will fit the fabric requirements, and sometimes I get inspiration from brand new yardage.
For this year's mystery I am starting with fabric from a Buggy Barn line called "Angels Among Us". I bought some yardage at Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe in Stratford, and am adding scraps and stash pieces that fit with my colour choices.

Neutrals are the background, gold is the yellow, pink is the orange, red is the green and black is the blue. This only makes sense if you have seen Bonnie's fabric requirements and I am writing it out here for when I forget what my plan was!!  
In checking my fabric values, I have one pile of background lights, two light mediums, one dark medium and one dark dark. 
I am a little worried that the gold and pink piles show up as the same value, but hope it will all work out okay. My philosophy for sewing mystery quilts is, if you pick fabric you love, you will probably love your finished quilt. 
And I love this fabric, so it's all good!
Will you be sewing along?!?


  1. I haven't done one of Bonnie's mysteries...mainly because I absolutely don't have time in December to undertake it...but I sure enjoy seeing what everyone else does! I love your color palette.

  2. I too have done them all!! Easy Street is still waiting to be put together, however, all the blocks are done. I am not sure this year...I think I may wait and see...and I probably will get swept up and do it!

  3. I love Bonnie's mysteries! I have done several of them but usually after the quilt has been revealed. I love the colours you have chosen. I will be following your progress.

  4. Beautiful color choices. I'm still on the fence about starting this one. I'll see what the first clue looks like, then decide.

  5. I will be participating excited!

    Love your fabrics and I love the name of the line too. I think I will be using Bonnie's suggestions because it suits my stash and I won't have to buy anything.

  6. Love your fabric choices. The colors go well together so I think you will be just fine. I agree - if you love your fabric colors you will love the quilt. I think I will stick with her colors this time since I picked my own out last time. I can't wait..... we cancelled our plans since everyone is recovering from sickness and are staying home so I get to sew on Friday (should I warn my family?).

  7. I love all your Bonnie Mystery quilts! Love the warm colors you are going to use for her new mystery starting Friday.
    Last year was my first Bonnie Mystery quilt. I sat on the sidelines in previous years. Easy Street was a success. Yes. I'm sewing along this year. I'll make the 75"x 75" option and use the colors she suggested. Had to purchase some fabrics to go with my stash, but felt any fabrics and scraps loft over would enhance my stash and scrap boxes. Let the fun begin :)

  8. LOVE all your progress, I've only done orca and easy street, both done, had the hardest time with orca, but easy street was EASY ;) got my piles ready for friday! I'm subbing a few colors too, with orca I subbed blues for a color and I had all ranges of blues from light to dark, so I didn't like the end result too much, easy street I only subbed black for the grey and LOVE the result, for solstice I'm subbing other bright colors and I love the colors so can't go wrong right!?

  9. So pretty! I love following along with these. Mystery quilts aren't my thing - I really like to know what I'm in for. But it's so fun to see all the variations... can't wait!

  10. You have quite the line-up of Bonnie Quilts. I love seeing her quilts that she has decorating the Cabin. Can hardly wait to see Celtic Solstice on her bed there. I like your fabric choice. I've thought about Christmas prints and even bought a RED to use for the Orange to go with my Blue and Green. Hummmm What color will take the Yellow spot? Everyone will have to wait and see after I start Cutting on Friday! I'm not using scrappy Backgrounds this time- way too busy for me...

  11. Yep, I'm sewing along and have actually decided on my colors -- just today. I'm stash shopping only so it'll be red, brown, green & orange. My real problem is the 'neutral'....I don't have any selection of lights so I'm thinking about grays. They look better together than they sound, believe me. Is it Friday yet??

  12. Thanks for inspiring me to create my own parade! :)

  13. The two issues I have with her mysteries are the timing (I know it works for her, but not for me), and I just don't do mysteries. You aren't laughing, are you? The two of hers I have done were started after the big reveal--and never finished!!
    Oh, wait, I have another issue--string piecing. We are not compatible. That is why I used the striped fabric in Orca Bay.
    I am really curious to see if I make this one or not. : )

  14. You've done a great job with all your previous Bonnie quilts. I, on the other hand have done 2 of which neither are finished. I'm trying to be very good and not start this one. I will enjoy it vicariously through yours!

  15. I love your color choices! I am sticking with Bonnie's colors, only because I had a LOT of blues and greens and only had to go buy some orange. Probably won't get started until after Christmas, though. Too much Christmas sewing to do. Your list of previous Bonnie quilts is impressive! I still haven't finished Orca Bay!

  16. Beautiful fabrics choice, can't wait for the start !

  17. I'll be sewing along too! I can't wait. Since this is my first Bonnie mystery quilt, I decided to stick to the colors Bonnie chose.