Friday, February 15, 2013

The Weekend is HERE!

Look who got a Valentine's Day card from Bonnie Hunter?!?

I don't like to brag, but what can I say??!  Not's from my daughter!
Perhaps I should admit that I talk about Bonnie Hunter too often and watch too much QuiltCam!! LOL 
For sure my daughter has a great sense of humour! I am still laughing about it today...too fun!
For more Valentine's inspiration, hop over to the Hugs and Kisses blog is the last day. And if you scroll back to yesterday's post on that blog, there is a yummy photo of George Clooney for your viewing pleasure!
If you didn't enter the draw for my Valentine mini quilt, click here and leave a comment. I will draw the winner on Sunday.


Janet O. said...

Aren't you special!?! : ) (of course you are)

Deanna W said...

Bonnie Hunter is the only other blog that I visit on a regular basis.If I blog hopped all day I would get no sewing done at all.
Hope you had a special Valentine's day.

Yvette said...

I love watching quilt cam! I try to have it on whenever I can. I hope to be able to take a class or retreat from her one day.

Mary said...

That's pretty Cool! I'd be showing it off if I got one too. I am a pretty good 'name-dropper' too. Only about a Month until I meet her in Portland at the Block Party.

Kate said...

How fun! It's great when your kids get you.

Andee said...

TOO it. (I am her number one fan ya know, lol!)