Sunday, May 06, 2012

Royal City Quilters' Guild Quilt Show

Another great quilt show has come and gone! I wish I could have had more time to spend admiring all the quilts hanging at the show yesterday. My creative mind was totally on overdrive all night long! So instead of sleeping last night, I composed a list of my ideas for how to enjoy a quilt show.
Things "TO DO":
-Do an initial walk through and greet all your friends with hugs and smiles. Be thankful for the blessings of wonderful, creative women in your life. (This is a quilt I entered in the show. It was made from a block swap for quilt bloggers which was organized by Julie. The centre blocks are 6" blocks and the border is made of 3" blocks. Thanks again Julie!!)
-Meet people who read your blog and find out that complete strangers care about you and your family.
-Do a thorough walk about, reading the descriptions of each quilt and learn about how quilters are inspired to make amazing creations.
-Allow yourself to be drawn to your favorite 3 quilts at the show and ask yourself why you love them so much. Is it the fabric, the design, the embellishments, the technique, the thread, the colours, or the quilting that you love? This can lead you in a new direction for your next quilt. (This is a close up of machine quilting that I did on a quilt which I will write more about later today)
-Congratulate the prize winning quilters. Take pictures of them with their quilt if you can, and send it to them. Email the quilters you didn't see at the show whose work you admire and encourage them.
-Jot down in your journal any ideas that come to you, and any thoughts you have that start with "I sure wish that one day I could..."  Dream about future quilts, and start a hundred new projects in your head.
-Take lots of photos (if allowed), download them on your computer and enjoy the show all over again. You will be amazed at the things you notice on your photos that you didn't "see" at the show.
-Thank the volunteers who give of their time and energy to make each quilt show a success.

Things to "NOT DO":
-Do not say negative things to yourself about your efforts and your quilts. It totally defeats the purpose of a quilt show, which is to delight and inspire.
-Do not compare your work to other quilters' work. You make your own unique quilts and each one is a work of art reflecting your own interests and where you are on your creative journey. (This is a quilt I entered in the show. It was a mystery pattern from the very generous Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times - click here for the free pattern. I thought it was beautiful quilt until I saw it surrounded by amazing and colourful quilts. But I followed my own advice and tried hard not to compare it to it's neighbours!)
-Do not feel embarrassed that you put your quilt in the show when you find out that it happens to be hanging beside an award winning masterpiece! Remind yourself that it is an accomplishment to even finish a quilt. Remind yourself that your quilt brought you hours of enjoyment in the creative process. And congratulate yourself on being brave enough to take a risk and share your quilting with others.
Enjoy your next quilt show!!


Elaine M said...

Thanks for all the show ideas. Your quilts look lovely. Want a blue one like your first.

Kate said...

Very wise "to do" and "not to do" lists.

Judy D in WA said...

Great To Dos and Not To Dos.
I think your Judy L quilt should have a ribbon on it because I like it that much. :)

julieQ said...

What an awesome quilt you made with your nine patches!! Really fun!! I think your ideas about really experiencing a quilt show are great.

AnnieO said...

Very good advice, Kathy! I love both your quilts. We makers, we see the flaws and those things we might have changed, but others see totally different things! I love seeing the variety of skills, colors, and patterns at quilt shows of any size.

Janet O. said...

I especially like your list of things not to do. I also like BOTH of your quilts--doesn't matter if one was hanging next to a masterpiece! : )

Tessa @ TheSewingChick said...

Thank you for your do's and don'ts list. You are very wise!! We spend way to much time comparing ourselves to others, don't we?! Love your quilt - give yourself a blue ribbon:)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Some excellent advice there! Great Post!!