Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photography Course

I have long admired the photos that Jane posts on her blog Sew Create It, and have always wanted to take a photography course. I love taking pictures and am very rarely seen without a camera in my hand. I have thousands of photos in albums, in boxes, on discs, on USB sticks, and on my computer. But I only have a very cheap point and shoot camera, and have always put off taking a course until I could afford a better camera. 
Well, no more putting things off!
For an early birthday present to myself, I signed up for an online photography course called "Elevate the Ordinary". Me and my old camera are going to do the best we can, and learn some new things!
The class description offers the students the opportunity to see our ordinary lives through a new lens.  It also promises to be "a new way into gratitude and joy". 
Yes please! Now tell me, who could resist signing up for that?!? 

I found this tea last weekend and bought a big bag of it in anticipation of taking this photography course!

So I have been practising...taking photos of unusual things. Have you ever seen "Dead Elephant" beer on draft? It is made in St. Thomas and the story of it's origin can be found here. I love their advertising line: "Life should be celebrated in every way and if possible enjoy it Jumbo sized!

Have you ever had an eye-to-eye conversation with a laying hen? 
This is Ryan's hen, which has recently been renamed "eggless"... for obvious reasons! 

Have you ever seen a black swan? Did you know that they have red eyes and a red beak? I had never seen one before.
Of course most of my photos will continue to be of my quilting related activity!  I have solved the dilemma of how to improve "Hexagon Honeycomb" and am anticipating some wonderful leisurely, hand quilting time stitching hexagons this week.


Paula, the quilter said...

Good for you! I actually think that my point and shoot takes a better close up than my more expensive camera. So don't get rid of your's. I was once told in a photo class to always have the point and shoot handy for 'place' shots. Then you can come back later when it isn't raining or the light is better or you are not late for an appointment, and then take your time with the 'real' photo.

Kate said...

Enjoy your class. I'm looking forward to seeing your homework, so I hope you'll post some of it.

Paula makes a good point, point and shoots can take great photos. SLR's allow you to do a lot of special photography (like macro and wide angle), but still you have to get the right light and angle to get a good shot.

Janet O. said...

I get some great photos from my point-and-shoot while my son, with the big expensive camera, struggles to get the right settings! : )
I think it is great that you are taking the class. Go for it!
Your quilting solution looks really good, Kathy!

Mary said...

Have fun with your hand quilting and taking your pictures. That black Swan looks so graceful on the water.

Debbie said...

I think it's all about the person behind the camera...can't wait to see your new take on the same old thing!

Clare said...

I agree with Paula. My camera is a point and shoot'ish. It's actually got a lot of the DSLR facilities, but is compact. I love it!:

Enjoy your course and looking forward to seeing your photos.

Clare said...

I meant to add you ought to join the 365 Project Great fun and an incentive to get out and take photos.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

How exciting! You'll get so much out of a class. Photography is about the light and how you catch it...whether with a big expensive camera, point and shoot or a phone! I can't wait to see your pictures.

P.S. Thanks for the lovely shout made my day!