Thursday, May 17, 2012

May For Me - Sweet Treats and Bingo Update

Janet (the Rogue Quilter) sent me some wonderful dotty fabrics - thanks Janet! 
I have already cut them into strips and started sewing them into my sweet treat quilt along blocks. 
My strips are a bit smaller than Judy's. The pattern calls for 2" strips to make an 8" block, but I am using 1.5" strips so my blocks have an extra round, and finish at 7.5". I just love them but maybe all together they are a little bit too busy looking?!?! This is the stage of quiltmaking where I start to get worried! Maybe my enthusiasm for colour, and my pattern of jumping into a project without a plan is catching up with me and I am just making a big messy eyesore??!! 
The May for Me Bingo game is continuing. I have been selecting beads and buttons to sew on that don't cover the little pictures. Can you see the star on Santa's head, the blue fish, the heart in the school bus window, and the green bead in the toucan's mouth?  Very fun! I am not even close to getting a Bingo, but am enjoying the game. I get to sew on a few more buttons today.


Harriett said...

I love your polka dot squares.

berylthepearl said...

Keep doing what you doing with the dots! The quilt will be fantastic!

Mary said...

I'm not getting lucky with the Bingo either. I have only 4 plus the free
square covered, but none in a row or diagonally to make a BINGO. Maybe tomorrow...LOL Janet is very nice! I met her last year when I went to see Jennifer Chiaverini in Bountiful Utah. So fun to meet fellow Bloggers in real life!

Carrie P. said...

Love your header photo.
Cute blocks too.
I got a bingo yesterday but it had already been called.

Janet O. said...

Glad you can use the dotty stuff, Kathy. Those blocks are very fun!
The "coordinating" of buttons on the Bingo card sounds like something I would try to do. I would probably even obsess over getting just the right one. You have done very well. Love the purple flower--and the fish! : )

Janet O. said...
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