Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday War Blocks

I had a wee break from the civil war blocks but was anxious to not fall even farther behind on this project, so I spent some time this week catching up.
This is block #23 Illinois Roads - easy and boring.

This is block #24 Ladies' Aid Album...kind of fun and different, with my favorite fabric in the centre.

Here is block #25 Calico Puzzle - the first problem block I have encountered so far.
For some unknown reason, it didn't come out the to same size as the other blocks (8 1/2" unfinished). I think I'm just going to trim some off each side to make it fit!

Block #26 Barbara Frietchie Star - a lot of half square triangles, but it came out to the correct size.

Here are the four blocks together on the design wall...
see how the calico puzzle is larger than the other 3 blocks?

I'm starting to love the  blue/brown fabric combination now. If you want to see a great quilt made with blues and browns, hop over to Thelma's blog and check out this yummy "James River Blues" quilt!

Also, today is World Alzheimer Day. Check out the Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiative, where you can buy a quilt, donate a quilt, and/or post a photo of your loved one on the Wall of Remembrance. This is my Grandma "Annie" who suffered from Alzheimer's disease and passed away 3 years ago this week. You can read a post about her death, and her quilt here.


Janet O. said...

That is maddening when a block that comes out the wrong size--especially when you know you followed directions!
Just starting to love the blue and brown combination? I have loved it all along--I think I prefer it to pink and brown.
Touching story of your grandma and her quilt.

*karendianne. said...

You're workin' some magic there with those fabrics in these block, Kathy! Thank you for sharing about AAQI. I've purchased a couple. :) And blessings to your family and Grandma "Annie."

Ellen said...

Your blocks look great - I really like blue and brown together. Very touching story about your Grandma. Quilts really do symbolize much more than just a warm blanket!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Loving your blocks!