Sunday, September 18, 2011

Garden Report

The weather here has turned cool, we've had our first frost of the fall, and the garden is almost finished. The carrots that the rabbit did not steal are still to be harvested, but everything else is done. I enjoyed the location of the cucumber plants this year...they extended themselves to climb the cedar hedges at the back of our property and it was fun to see the cucumbers hanging in the bushes.
Perhaps because of this ideal location, I had a ton of cucumbers to deal with. I tried a new icicle pickle recipe - click here to see it. We haven't tasted them yet, since they need to sit for a while, but I obviously didn't pack them properly in the jars...look at all the empty space on the bottom of the jars!
With the remaining cucumbers I used a Bernardin recipe for relish. It's a little sweeter than I like my relish to be, but the kids love it!
And in one of my random blog tours I found a post for canning potato soup mix (click on this link for "Likewise Ye Older Women" for the recipe) that I want to try out.


Amy said...

Oh, you said it! It's AMAZING how jam-packed you THINK you've packed the jars....and then after processing: it never fails! Extra space!

Yes, weather is dropping here too. I don't think we're too much further south than you (latitudinal wise). Crossing my fingers that the garden finishes before the weather turns too cold!

Jean said...

Yummy! it is cooler here as well, though no frost yet. I have some green tomatoes I hope will ripen before then!

sewnut said...

I love the look of a shelf filled with canning. So pretty!

Janet O. said...

My cukes produced practically nil this year. When I need pickles now I know where to go! : )

Ellen said...

It all look so yummy! It makes me feel a little sad that we did not have our usual garden this year. We only planted a couple tomato plants, one zuccini and one cucumber. Now that harvest time is here I am feeling regret!

Libby said...

Looks delicious! I am so hopeful that I will have a successful cucumber concern next summer *s*