Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yellow Scraps

It's the saturday check in for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Yellow is the colour for June and I have only had the time to pull out my scraps, and get them cut into strips that I will eventually sew into something yellowish, which was inspired by finding these 3 fabrics.
Can you guess what I am going to make based on these 3 clues??
I don't have any time to actually sew up some blocks...gotta get packing.
Did I mention I am going to Vermont?


  1. I would guess 9-Patch or Lone star
    Have fun in Vermont!

  2. Have a fabulous time in Vermont. Those yellow strips would make highly adorable nine patches.

  3. Nine patches or something for me LOL

    Have fun in Vermont.

  4. I have absolutley NO CLUE! Something yellow I would guess!

  5. My first thought...a bee hive!

  6. Pretty yellows. Looking forward to seeing what you pull together.