Wednesday, June 29, 2011

UFO report

Now don't laugh, but I am being amazingly self disciplined this week. I am!  I have already washed most of the fabrics I purchased last week (well, except some beautiful FQ packages that I will admire for a while before I think about using them!) AND I am not starting anything new until I finish this month's UFO. Unbelievable, but true!
When in the US I bought a few boxes of the Color Catcher Sheets that I love. There wasn't a lot of dye transfer on the sheets I threw in with my mystery fabrics (which are mostly from the Moda Sweetwater Pure line) so now I won't feel worried about washing the finished quilt.
This is the latest update of quilt #8 on my UFO wish list that is supposed to be finished for the UFO challenge by the end of June. The first 3 rows are done, 3 of the 4 blocks for row 4 are finished, and row 5 is a mess. Hey, I still have 1 more whole day to finish it!


Kate said...

Very fun pattern! Hope you are able to get it done this month.

Diane said...

love the UFO-good luck! I always like to wash the fabric right away too

stitchinpenny said...

Color catchers saved a sailboat quilt I made because I added a 1/4 inch red and blue star highlight which I didn't wash first. When I threw it in the washer for the crinkle wash I just off handedly threw in a color catcher and I was so happy when I transferred the quilt to the dryer and the thouroughly red color catcher fell to the floor. 3 feet of a quarter inch binding highlight could have ruined many days of work, lots of fabric and my day.

Carol said...

I love the look of your string quilt. I've only made one which I stitched onto paper. I like this idea of stitching it to the batting. Are you backing it at the same time? The purple strips really add a great touch!