Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll Update

The weather so far this year has been mostly miserable, dark, rainy and warm (for us). Most of the pretty snow has melted, and everything is grey and dull, which is extremely unusual for this neck of the woods. What else can a person do but enjoy some relaxing sewing?!?
As you probably know,  Bonnie Hunter started a mystery quilt called Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll in November.  I must brag to you that I have been very disciplined and not looked at any of the steps ahead (applause for being disciplined for once!) however I have not had enough time to keep up with the steps as they were released.
This is where things are with my mystery quilt development:
*I managed to finish step 1 and  step 2 before Christmas.
*step 3 was ceremoniously by passed, since I don't have enough light strings/scraps and would have to cut most of them from yardage. I am waiting to see the final design before I decide that if I want to sew those blocks.

*step 4 using the green and light fabrics was finished today.
*step 5 is well underway, but it's a doozie...600 HST's! Here are about 340 blocks waiting to be sewn.
If you use the EZ angle ruler, there are dog ears on one corner that need to be trimmed, so my tiny bits are going into my collection jar...don't they look so pretty?!? (To see an old photo of my jar collection, click here.)

I should also brag that I have continued my 2011 self discipline streak and have so far (the day isn't over yet!) managed to resist starting the Planet Patchwork New Year's mystery! Instead of starting another new quilt, I am getting ready to work on an old quilt... #6 on my UFO list (on the right hand side of my blog) to be exact (the number drawn by Judy) which is going to be the disappearing 4 patch. I will be searching the UFO dungeon for this project and assessing what the problem was that resulted in that project morphing into a UFO if ever whenever I find it.  Perhaps I will even search out all 12 of the projects while I am in the dungeon and place them in an "easy to access location" should I decide to continue my streak of self discipline and actually follow through with finishing them! LOL


  1. One step at a time. Finding all 12 UFOs sounds like a good place to start.

  2. I have a drug problem, Kathy! I drug out my UFO and drug my heels figuring out where I am on it and drug myself away from other projects to decide I need drugs! LOL My #6 will actually be pretty nice if I actually finish it! We'll see. In the meantime, I too am trying to get up to speed on RRCB Mystery -- and am to the point of putting the blocks together before assembling the quilt. I gotta get this done this week if I'm to stay on track for the borders on Friday! I need more TIME!!!! :-D Your pinks look gorgeous!
    Mary Lou

  3. I absolutely love these colors!! Gorgeous, Kathy!!...you are so organized!

  4. Don't forget to work on your IOP as well! We got together tonight at Jacqui's to sew and definate progress was made. One of our quilters has 30 arcs done already!!!! I have 9 done. I hope to do the RRCB quilt after I finish the IOP. I have already picked out my fabrics and put them aside.

  5. Your pieces look wonderful! I can't wait to see your quilt come together!

  6. Those 600 HST scared me off. And I don't have enough strips of neutrals to make all those string blocks either. So I haven't joined Bonnie's mystery this time. After seeing the final result she posted, I'm sure yours will be fabulous. The colors you chose are perfect.

  7. Your pinks are very nice. I can't wait to see your finished quilt.

  8. You are doing great not peeking! I'm with you on the string pieced blocks for RRCB--don't like them and don't have strings saved. Neutrals tend to disappear quickly around my sewing room, I am always replenishing them! I may bypass the whole RRCB just due to the exhausting numbers...

    Too funny about not being able to find your UFO#6! Mine is an easy one, luckily.

  9. Love your colors. I've been saving this to work on later this year.

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I was fast, but I have a confession-the top was already done. I just needed to quilt it and bind it.

  10. I peeked at your jars! I love them! So pretty. Once my kids group took dog ears and gluesticked them onto 10 inch sqs of denim for flowers and leaves, then I zizzagged around them, attached ribbon stems, stitched a half inch around the sqs, frayed them, added 2 belt loop hangars and gave them for Mothers Day. Everyone loved them and the kids had a ball.

  11. I love your colors. I am close to getting back to my RRCB, and I haven't resisted peeking, and I'll tell you that it sure is a pretty one.