Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy Day

I had an enjoyable sewing time today working on my Layer Cake Quilt Along blocks with my Happy Layer Cake.
This is block #4 Starry Starry Snowball by Sherri.
I had a little trouble with the centre block due to a cutting error...yikes! I had to border the centre block with the purple stripe to bring it up to the proper size. I kind of like how the error turned out!

Then I moved on to block #5 Rainbow Boxes by Cara.
I was happy to be able to use up the scraps I had saved from previous blocks, and really enjoyed sewing the corner blocks.  But I think the finished block looks a bit like a dog's breakfast!
Oh is the process that I love. It's one of my favorite things to putz around with a pile of fabric and cut up little pieces and wonder how a block will look when it's all sewn back together. And at the end, I don't really care if it's my cup of tea or was fun!
If you want to see other Layer Cake Quilt Along blocks, visit the Flickr Site - click here.
I have soooooo many block projects on the I completely crazy to consider starting another one?!? (Don't answer that!) How can I resist the new Civil War Quilt by the amazing Barbara Brackman?!?!


Kate said...

Beautiful blocks, such bright colors. Congratulations on getting caught up. I'm looking forward to getting the next block!

Gina said...

Love the fabrics you are using.
I like your dog's breakfast block and in a sampler you won't notice it that much anyway

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Diane said...

love your blocks, and I keep forgetting to say I LOVE your header picture
(if I did tell you that already, we'll blame it on the meds I'm on right now for my nasty sinus infection--hack, hack, cough, cough, sputter)
I'm thinking of doing BBrackmans'CW blocks too---haha only 7 days into the year and I'm starting a new project-no willpower.

Thelma said...

That Barbara Brackman block of the week sure is tempting, that was news to me, thanks for the information and the link.....I'm not sure I'm up for a new block every week, I'll follow your progress then decide!

Your Starry Starry Snowball looks great, I would have never guessed you added the border to bring it up to size, 5 blocks done, Great Job!!

Unknown said...

so sorry you didn't like the block. Hopefully you'll not mind it in the sampler with all the others.