Thursday, January 13, 2011

Birthday busyness

See this adorable little boy?!? Today is his 16th birthday!
This is one of my favorite old photos. I was doing a show of some of my mini quilts (for guild meeting or a library show?), so I had mounted them on a display board, and he just had to get in the photo.
He's grown into a wonderful young man and I love him to bits, but I sure do miss this little sweetie!
So, it has been a hectic week here with the birthday gift shopping,  and celebrations (a specially ordered roast beef dinner with the fixings, and a homemade birthday cake).
All of this has followed on the heals of the stomach flu sweeping through the entire family the first week of January,  which has resulted in.... not enough quilting time to keep me balanced!
And we all know what that means! LOL!  I NEED quilting time!
I did a little piecing on my mystery blocks, but look what happened!
There is nothing worse than needing some good quality quilting time and ending up UNsewing! Better put it away until I have some time and energy to focus, or it'll be 2 blocks forward, 1 block back!


Mary said...

Happy Birthday to your little (or not so little) boy and it's only one block to un-sew. not bad out of three, bu definately time to quilt when you have to break out the seam ripper.

Anonymous said...

Took me a while to see why you were unsewing LOL. Gorgeous photo and mini quilts too.

Kate said...

Glad the family is feeling better. My baby girl turned 12 last week, they grow up so fast don't they. Hope your yound man had a great birthday. I think that gets harder to manage as they get older!

Laurie said...

I couldn't believe it took me so long to see the mistake in your piecing... I scrolled past it about 3 times before seeing it. I love that quilt from Bonnie, now I wish I'd done it.

Sara said...

I made two complete blocks with those neutral/green pieces the wrong way around. Ended up with a green cross instead of a light one. I didn't discover them until I was putting the top together, and I decided to just LEAVE them. I'll see if anyone remarks on them. I doubt it!

scraphappy said...

Congratulations on the big 16th birthday. Glad the stomach flue is on the way out, but what a bummer about having to reverse sew. Hope it turns out better the second time.

Jean said...

I hate when that happens!