Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quilty adventures

It is another fabulous fall day here...sunny and crisp, with beautiful colours to see. I will be clearing out my garden today. We have had a couple of good frosts this week so everything is wilted.  I plan to shred the remaining zucchini, and then chop and blanch the rest of the carrots to put in the freezer.
I had a very busy week with quilting adventures to tell you about...
I did a trunk show of some of my quilts for the Erin quilters. It was great fun to be with them again and to see some old they are:

The monthly mini quilters have started meeting again and yesterday I bribed them to bring back the crossed canoe projects that we worked on last May. (To see my two minis click here and here.)  If they brought a finished (and by "finished" I meant that the quilt had to be quilted, bound and labelled!) project, their name would go in a draw for this Moda charm pack "Makin' New Friends". 

There were 3 fabulous canoe minis (from Diane, Barb and Nancy) that made an appearance and here they are:
Isn't it amazing how they are all so different? I could guess which quilter made each of these quilts based on knowing their fabric preferences! 
The winner of the charm pack draw is Diane!

Another highlight of the class yesterday was the fall gift that Susan made for everyone...look at these great pumpkins she gave us! To see the pattern that she found on Carrie's blog during the Fall-o-ween Blog Hop - click here. Aren't they fun?!?

And the winner of my Fall Into Fall Quilt Blogger giveaway is Marit! Isn't blogging such a fabulous opportunity to interact with quilters around the globe?!? My Valentine's Day giveaway went to the Netherlands and my Fall giveaway is going to fun is that?!?! In addition, I also had to send a Charm Pack to Paula in Wisconsin because she left a comment that she NEEDED that charm pack to finish the border on a quilt, so how could I resist that?!?
I am also excited to be the winner of one of the Fall Into Fall Quilt Blog draws - I am the lucky winner of a baby quilt kit from Linda at Stray Stitches! Go check out her blog because she is having another great draw for 2 1/2 yards of leaf fabric - click here.
I'm heading back to the garden now. If there are any extra minutes left at the end of the day, I'll be sewing a few more blocks for my plaid beauty so I can post some photos tomorrow for design wall monday.


Gina said...

Those mini quilts are gorgeous and the pumpkins are so cute

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Quilt Rat said...

Now this is a FULL post. You have got to be the queen of proliferation.........How do you do it all?
Love those crossed canoes.........and thanks for the heads up on the giveaway at Stay Stitches, I NEED some leaf fabrics :-)

Mary Lou Casada said...

Doncha just love trunk shows!? I did one recently on my "quilting history" -- taking some of my grandmothers' and aunts quilts along with antiques I've bought and quilts of my own to tell the story of my family. GREAT fun (and got to repeat ancient gossip about people dead for nearly a century! AH, history! LOL). Love all the crossed canoes -- our fabric preferences give us away every time!
Mary Lou

Barb in Mi said...

Real nice mini quilts - and it sounds like you ahd a busy week.

scraphappy said...

It looks like you have been busy as usual. What fun the trunk show must have been. Those crossed canoe quilts are just too cute! Glad you are enjoying fall. It is such a nice change of pace, isn't it?

AnnieO said...

How terrific to have enough quilts to do a trunk show for others--I aspire to that! The crossed canoes are stunners. Congrats on your win!

I laughed out loud when I saw Carrie's tutorial for the pumpkins--too funny!

Paula said...

I am so happy that are sending me the charm pack, since I didn't win it, but really do need it. But I am still a winner because of you and your thoughtfulness.
Aren't quilter's the greatest people? Oh Yeah!
Thanks again