Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finished Stashbuster Quilt

This is the photo of my finished Stashbuster quilt.

I pieced the blocks together in July - click here to read more about that. It was a quick and fun project to make and would be perfect if you were looking for an easy Christmas gift to make! (If you need to get the pattern for this quilt - click here.)

For the machine quilting, I had planned to try an allover "E" design like Paula did in one of her quilts - click here.  But when it came the moment to put the quilt under the needle, this is what happened!
In Diane Gaudynski's reference book, she calls this design "bouncing bananas" and whereas she seems to join the banana ends and creates a very tight, organized looking design, these banana bunches are definately out of control! But very fun to quilt!
Then I wanted to make a bias binding using my 2 remaining co-ordinating fat quarters and consulted this website to remind me how to do this since it had been a while (I always make a double fold binding).  This is what it was looking like, but somehow (and I'm sure it's magic) it turned into a lovely binding.

Then I tried to use Bonnie's method of joining the ends and that's when the magic ended, which resulted in this binding mess...ooops!

And what's on the back... the leftover pieces that didn't get used on the front! All the leaves are falling from our trees this week, and I couldn't resist a photo op in the backyard!

Did you notice the label in the bottom corner?
That means the quilt is truly "finished"!

I liked this quilt so much that I asked the Buttonberry girls if I could teach this quilt pattern at the senior's centre and they generously agreed to let me do this.

Here are the ladies with their projects:
This was the perfect beginner's project and they made such a great job on each quilt. Many of these new quilters had to overcome personal and/or health challenges to be in this class and I was so inspired by their efforts. Thank you again to Emma and Lisa over at Buttonberry for the use of this fun pattern!


Mary Lou Casada said...

Oh! I love all the different looks the quilt has in the different colorways! Kudo's to you for stashbusting, sharing your talents and time and for making a beautiful quilt! :-)
Mary Lou

Cathi said...

Those are such pretty fabrics in your quilt -- and I love the quilting you did on it!!

Rose Marie said...

Great quilt and from your stash .... even better! I noticed on your label that you don't put the year you made it?

Heather said...

I wouldn't have thought that a red and blue quilt could be so lovely. These prints work great together.

Ginger Patches said...

Turned out great Kathy! Shoot that means I've only finished....2 quilts lol!!! I NEVER label, I have good intentions sometimes but usually it doesn't even cross my mind!

Helen in the UK said...

Great quilt! Also loved seeing your class with their quilt tops and how the different fabrics they used have worked :)

Judy D in WA said...

Fabulous finish! I love how different each quilt looks....you all have such fun! Love that quilting design and may copy it on my next quilt. :) And a label.....I need to get into that habit!

Paula, the quilter said...

You have to remember that Diane Gaudynski quilts on dupioni silt using silk thread so she CAN get those teeny tiny 'bananas'. I think you did great! Remember to practice.

Susan said...

Oh another winner.......... Yes I did print out that pattern. Another one to add to my list of things I want to do.

AnnieO said...

Great Stashbuster quilt! This is a wonderful way to have newbies learn about quilting. Big blocks do make for fast tops.

I use one of the diagonal joining binding methods and I have to get my notes out every time in order to avoid messups! Hope you got it all sorted quickly.