Thursday, October 28, 2010

UFO rewards

Are you following Pat Sloan's postings on finishing UFO's? I need all the help, encouragement and tips I can get! Pat asked us to pick a UFO and think of 3 rewards we could earn by finishing the UFO. Here is my UFO.

This is #7 Garden Lattice on my UFO wish list (on the right hand side of my blog). I pieced the top in the spring of 2006 and I now have everything ready...the quilt top (WITH borders), the backing, the binding (all prepared) and the batting.
My 3 rewards are:
1) Halloween Lindt chocolate balls (of course)
2) I will take a day off work and go to the Shop Hop (to buy more fabric to start more UFO's!)
3) the satisfaction of having a finished UFO project to brag about  take to my UFO meeting next week.
Can I do it?
Well, I'm totally motivated now...we shall see!


  1. Of course you can do it. With rewards like that you will be done in no time.........

  2. As Nike says: Just Do It! Sounds like you are very close to finishing.


  3. Go Kathy Go! Of course you can do it. Between you and Stash Manicure, I am in the mood to sort all my quilting things, not just fabric. When will I have time to work on UFOs??? ;)

  4. You can do it!!! Oh those chocolate balls look yummy!!

  5. Kathy, you CAN DO it. Smiles!

  6. Of course you can do it. I'm foloowing the UFO tips aswell and I'm so pleased with what I've achieved

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  7. It's great what the incentive of chocolate and fabric shopping can do! Can't wait to see your finish :)

  8. What a pretty UFO you have chosen to work on...go for it girl!! And save a little piece of that chocolate for me, please!