Monday, October 04, 2010

Wedding Quilt

Are you wondering if I finished the quilt in time for the wedding?!?
Yes...I pulled it out of the dryer just before we had to leave, and I attached the label (which I almost forgot) on the way to the church! I had pieced the blocks for this quilt at retreat in February and got the blocks sewn together in March.
It is made using Bonnie Hunter's free pattern called "Scrappy Trips Around the World". Not only is it a great stashbuster quilt pattern, but it was fun to sew.

I did wavy line quilting on the diagonals to emphasize the trip around the world design and it went fairly quickly. No problems with the quilting until I switched to Presencia thread to quilt the names of the wedding party in the border...then I had issues!

This is as far as I got quilting "Chad" before the thread I took that quilting out and put my Aurifil thread back in the machine...smooth as butter! I love that stuff!

I quilted the names of the wedding party attendants on the side borders, and the names of the bride and groom on both ends of the quilt. Then I stippled around any remaining spaces in the borders, and puts some hearts in the corners just for fun!

Here is the finished quilt being quickly held up by my son before I jumped in the car to drive to the wedding!

And here is a photo of the bride (my husband's cousin) and groom as they were getting ready to leave for their honeymoon. Although the weather was not good for their celebration (cold temperatures and lots of rain) I think they had a great day...they look very happy!


  1. Glad you got it done -- just in time too. The names in the borders look great, what a nice way to personalize.

  2. I have been known to finish a gift in the car on the way to an event. I once finished hemming a dress I was wearing to a wedding while wearing it in the car on the way to the church. The quilt looks great and I like idea of the names in the borders.

  3. Aren't you supposed to put the last stitches in on the way to the event. I always do...

    It turned out go be lovely. Great quilting design and you did such a good job on it. That will keep them warm for years to come and bring back fond memories.

  4. No Kathy I wasn't wondering if you'd get it done in time as I knew you would. And with minutes to spare - lol ! It's gorgeous and I'm sure will be much loved by the happy couple xxx

  5. Glad you got the quilt done in time.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  6. I love the wedding quilt. Quilts of many pieces are what I am drawn too. Pretty bride.........