Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday Sampler #23 on Sunday's Sunday again. Maybe I'll have to change my sampler quilt name to "Sunday Sampler", since that is now 2 weeks in a row that I didn't get my block posted on a Saturday! You can see some of my other blocks in this post.
But here is this week's sampler block:
Block Name: "Broken Wheel" (which is the block of the week at the Friday Block Party)
Block Pattern Source: Quilter's Cache

I know this block by the name of "Rolling Stone" since I made a mini version of it a couple of years ago. I ended up paper piecing the tiny corner blocks since they measure 1" finished and the accuracy was a struggle without paper piecing.
For an interesting size comparison, here is a photo of the sampler block beside my mini quilt...sure does make the sampler block look huge! But it's only 12"!


scraphappy said...

Seeing the Saturday sampler next to your mini quilt is quite an eye opener! I can see why you would want to paper piece those tiny corner triangles. Glad you got your Saturday block done, even if it is on a Sunday.

Anne Ida said...

Wow, yes the sampler block does look huge next to that oh so cute mini! Well done getting the sampler block done! It is very pretty!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

OMGOODNESS!!!! Am I understanding this correctly? That lil' quilt is only 12"????????????? Are you INSANE? Even WITH paperpiecing, those fabrics are TEEEEEENY! You amaze me Kathy!

I always enjoy your Sat. samplers. Do you know how you'll put the quilt together yet? How long are you going to do this for? You must have....about 20-24 blocks already if you're doing one every week???

Quilt Rat said...

That mini is amazing! Love to see it beside the block....impressive!

oh, and how about "Weekend Sampler"

call me crazy said...

Wow! Great block and fantastic mini! Have a happy day! :-)

Dresden Quilter said...

It is gorgeous. I have really been enjoying your Saturday Samplers.