Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that this is a first...I am posting a photo of something I made that is not quilted! I do know how to knit and although I gave that  up (and all other crafts) when I was bitten by the quilting bug, I do still remember how to knit.  I dug this out of my cupboard...a pair of mittens for my daughter that I started at least 12 years ago! Yep...her hands are much too big for these little mittens, but I am so close to finishing them, that I forced myself to work on them. I just have to stitch up the seam and I'm done!
Why am I telling you this? Because this Saturday is "World Wide Knit in Public Day" and Cambridge is having a celebration. They are trying to set a new record for the "Guinness World Book of Records"  for the most people knitting in one place at the same time. You can come any time after 8 am and walk around the farmer's market, have an apple dumpling, and tour the knitting exhibits, but the record attempt will begin at 10:30 am. I will be the counter at gate #6, so if you're there, come by and say 'hi'! The weather forecast is sunny with a high of 27 degrees (which is hot for me) so I won't be wearing anything knitted, but I'm sure some people will be, and there will be an impromptu knitted fashion show with prizes! Click here for the flyer.
The 'artist in residence' at the Centre for the Arts this year is knitter Sue Sturdy, and she is also planning to "knit a bridge" in September, so I'm going to knit a piece for that. To read about it - click here or here.


  1. I'll be knitting on Saturday but will be traveling between Minneapolis and Atlanta! I hope to finish up the socks I'm working on and start another pair while I'm gone.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my Design Wall Monday post. I am so far behind. But I agree with your statment, my stash of scraps actually GREW rather than depleted!

    I wonder how that happened.........

    glen: off to California, Reno and Yosemite on Friday for a week!

  3. I'd like to place an order for a manly cardigan for one boy who will be size 3T when we go on a cruise at the end of November. Thanks. :o)

  4. I guess I should knit on Saturday then! :) The mittens are super cute! Sounds like you are headed for a day of fun and inspiration.

  5. Wish I knew how!! Your mittens are beautiful...a little girl in your future will adore them!