Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Project Containers

I have been working with the new templates for blogger updates and I am not a happy camper/blogger. I keep getting error messages and wish I had never started this makeover...ugh!

Several people have emailed me about the containers I showed on this post. These containers are marketed for scrapbookers, but they are perfect for quilters too! I can store all the fabrics, blocks, instructions, etc for each project in one of these boxes. I also really like that the boxes stack on top of each other perfectly, and you can see what is in each of them.  This box has my leaders/enders project.  I buy my  containers at Michael's and here is the link to the product.

This box has my June mystery units in it (up to last week's step). I am ready to get sewing on step #4 so I have all my pieces ready and just need some time to actually sew!

If you are looking for some inspiration, why not hop over to Vicki's blog and take a field trip - click here.


  1. Those 12 x 12 containers appear to be perfect for projects. I've seen them at Michael's, Kathy but I've never purchased one.

  2. OOOooooo...THANKS for the link! I don't have a Michael's near me.

    Judy's step 4 went fairly fast.....a lil' over an hour, so set aside 60 minutes and you should be good to go :0)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your colors!

  3. Me again.....just an FYI for others....
    here is a link to purchase the containers (for those of us not near a Michael's).

    Of course, they are listing "out of stock" right now :0(

  4. LOL...tired of me yet?
    Just a note: The link isn't for the exact boxes you informed us about, but they are similar....

  5. Thank you for the information on the boxes. They seem to be perfect.

  6. I like those scrapbooking ones too, because they have the lid to keep out dust and critters. I bought a rolling cart one at JoAnn's for cheap with a coupon and keep my thread in two of the bins and scraps in different size strips and squares in the others. Only one drawer is a project box for me!

    I've finished my Clue #4 sewing as of next week. I saw that Judy plans 6 weeks so we're getting near the end :) Your colors are so pretty!

  7. Ya know, I get ahead of myself...I should have said "I finished my Clue #4 sewing as of LAST NIGHT"