Thursday, June 03, 2010

Lavender Treats

Did you guess what block I was making?
How about if I show you my "double oops"! 
Can you believe I sewed 2 of the 9 blocks wrong?
This is a really old block pattern called "Crossed Canoes", and I have also known it to be called by other names including "Indian Canoes", "The Dragon Fly", "Twinkling Star", and "Tippecanoe". I paper pieced these blocks and each one finishes at 1 3/4", so the whole quilt is 7" square. 
I was happy to find a soothing, watery looking fabric in my stash to float my canoes in!
And here is another soothing lavender treat...
Taro ice cream from our local Thai restaurant.
It always tickles my son to be eating something this colour for dessert, especially since it's made from a vegetable - click here if you don't believe me!


  1. Crossed Canoes is not the easiest block to put together. Yours are pieced very well......except for the oops!

  2. Very pretty. My favourite icecream is Green tea and its very green. I will have to try taro one of these days.

  3. I am dumbfounded at the size of the canoe blocks! WOW!
    the ice cream looks yummy!

  4. A crossed canoe quilt is on my to-do list - I love that block. I think mine will be bigger than yours though - lol ! And a big thankyou for my fat quarters which arrived yesterday - great fabrics. I am now thinking of what to do with them - maybe a bag. Thanks Kathy xx

  5. Those are TINY. I did a crossed canoe block in my Elm Creek Sampler, but one block was 6 inches. Love colors - they are yummy.

  6. I can't believe how small this are amazing!