Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have two contest announcements to make on this beautiful sunny Sunday. The first is the list of winners of the giveaway for my 500th blog post. I had a quilting friend in yesterday's mini club draw the names using the old fashion method. I printed out the comments from the blog post and she pulled the winning names from a bowl. I'm not advanced enough yet to use the computerized random number generator...and besides, it's more fun when other people are around to enjoy the event! I have already email the winners and found out which gift they preferred in the order the names were picked.
Here are the winners: 1st name is Diane and she picked the mini flag quilt; 2nd name is Andrea and she picked the Fat Quarter bundle, 3rd name is Janet and she picked the mini leaf block kit;  4th name is Marcia and she gets the mini iris block kit.
Congratulations to the winners and I hope you enjoy your little quilty treat coming to you in the mail next week. Thanks again for reading my blog and playing along with my little celebration!
And I won a draw on Pat Sloan's blog 2 weeks ago and look what came in the mail to me! The gift was from Jo Ann Mulally and included her book on working with wool. It was so beautifully wrapped and such a lovely gift to receive...thanks Jo Ann! I must admit I have never worked with wool before, so I am reading the book cover to cover to learn about's a whole new addiction!


Mary said...

It's fun to win! I'm still waiting for my prize coming from Australia's
Sarah Fielke. I won one of her books from Pat Sloan's Talk radio show the end of March and it is coming from the publisher so it may take a while.

Janet said...

Thank you so much, Kathy! I am looking forward to receiving this in the mail. Hugs Janet

Ivani said...

Congratulkations to the lucky winners And Kathy, enjoy your gifts.
Hugs - Ivani

Diane said...

Thank you again Kathy! I'm looking forward to receiving the mini quilt in the mail-so much better than bills &such!
I hope you like working with wool. I keep wanting to start (I've bought all the stuff) time is such an issue, sigh! :)