Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Progress on 2 projects!

I'm famous!  Cyndi hosted a mini mystery last month and she posted my blocks on her blog - click here to see them!
This week I am getting myself organized for camping season, which means I hope to have lots of relaxing hand work time. It is my goal to finish piecing the blocks and the hand stitching on my Journey of a Quilter project. (It is project #1 on my UFO wish list on my side bar.) I am stitching block #7 and have one more design to stitch on this block, and then I'll only have 2 more blocks to do! I should be able to finish that this summer, eh?!?
Of course it would be easy to accomplish if I didn't start any new projects, and could stay focused for more than a minute, we all know that's not going to happen!
Speaking of which, I want to start Judy's new mystery quilt! So to assuage my guilt a bit, I thought I should maybe finish up my last quilt top made from Judy's QFAH pattern - click here to see it. I put the borders on back in March and it's been ready to go since then...aging gracefully. I sewed together a backing from the leftover scraps, and now the quilt is pin basted and ready to be machine quilted.


Gari in AL said...

It looks like you have really been busy but being organized is really a good thing. Good job.

Anonymous said...

It's looking like you're going to beat me to the finish line on the BOM. I'm still on block 7 and have to do the heart applique on two other blocks before moving on to 8 and 9. Dang it anyway.

Teaquilts said...

Kathy I like your pieced block with the embroidery; just adds something special.

Jeanne said...

Love your cardinals and also the four patch you are making with your Cherrywood scraps. You do such nice work.

Diane said...

you go girl getting organized and ready for summer camping fun. The blocks look wonderful.
And woo-hoo for getting the QFAH into the home stretch.

scraphappy said...

Nothing takes care of the guilt about starting something new like finishing off something old. The QFAH will be a real beauty when she is finished. Now onto the fun of a new mystery:)

Judy D in WA said...

Stop feeling guilty! Quilting is a journey not a race.

Today I am quilting one that was made before my grandson was born and he is 4! Thank goodness his momma wants to hang it on the wall.

Congrats on being famous and for getting your quilt basted! Isn't it great to have yourself organized!! See it's a good thing not to have everything finished. LOL