Monday, May 24, 2010

Design Wall Monday #21

The weather for our Victoria Day weekend turned out to be much better than the weatherman predicted. It was supposed to be rainy and cold, which it was on Saturday, but Sunday and today are beautiful and sunny, allowing me to spend more time outside than I had thought I would. I purchased my vegetable seeds from Hawthorne and my heirloom tomatoes from this cute little place. Now I have everything planted except a few herbs which I need new pots for.
And when it was raining, I did some machine quilting on my QFAH quilt.
Here is the backing that I pieced from the leftover scraps and a few fat quarters. Can you see the grid quilting I did? Just straight lines, nothing fancy.

Here is a close up of my quilting using a different setting on the camera...can you see the quilting now?
And I already have the binding prepared, so after I go visit my mother-in-law today, I might be able to finish this quilt! That would be amazing...a quilt started and finished in the same year!
The other quilt I was hoping to work on this weekend (my 18 year old UFO) didn't get finished, but I did make lots of progress on the hand quilting, and the end is in sight!

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Judy D in WA said...

Very cute little place....wish I was closer so I could get some of those tomato plants.;) Have fun playing outside.
The quilting looks great. I love how you made the back.

Angie in SoCal said...

Nice work, Kathy - It's going to be a wonderful quilt when finished cuz it looks great already.

scraphappy said...

The grid quilting turned out very nice. So smart to have the binding already cut and ready to go. Too bad about the nice weather -- you could have crossed this one off your list.

Diane said...

I love the straight quilting, simple and perfect. Love the backing, looks like an art quilt!We had sunny weather today too..yea!

Barb in Mi said...

Oooh, straight line quilting: nice! And thanks for the Victoria Day reminder - I almost forgot!