Thursday, April 01, 2010

Quilt Magazines

I am a big user of the public library (my Mom is a retired teacher-librarian) and for years I have read the quilting magazines at the library and have negotiated with them to get the ones I enjoy the most :)
My quilt guild also has a stock of magazines that I can borrow and I have generous friends who have shared their magazines with me over the years.
Judy had an interesting article about magazines on her blog - click here to read it, which started me thinking about magazines again.
When we were at the World's Biggest Bookstore on the weekend, this was the quilt magazine rack. I think I counted over 30 magazines with the word 'quilt' in the title...that's amazing! And there were some missing from this rack that I have seen at the library and at bookstores.
I have had many subscriptions in the past but they are just too much of a luxury item for me to indulge in when we are funding university tuitions!  I only have 2 subscriptions at this point - Quilting Arts, which my sister-in-law buys me for my birthday and The Canadian Quilter, which comes with the membership.
When I was sitting in the ER waiting room last night (because my son swallowed a pop can tab...don't ask!) these were the magazines I had in my quilted bag to read.... the 3 Quiltmaker magazines that I won in a draw on Pat Sloan's blog (click here to read about that) my Quilting Arts, and 2 magazines that I picked up in Toronto that I haven't seen before.
I love a good magazine and hope that the quilting magazines stay around a long time and it looks like there a quite a market for them based on the shelves of available choices. I still really miss 'Miniature Quilts' magazine...that was my favorite.

Do you subscribe to any quilting magazines?
Do you read any?


Darlene said...

I'm a magazine junkie but have cut way back. I only subscribe to American Patchwork & Quilt (it's my true fav) and my Mom subscribes to McCall's Quilting for me for my birthday. I used to purchase every magazine with the word quilt in the title but so many leave me disenchanted so now I'm super picky. :-)

Quilt Rat said...

Usually able to get "hand me downs" at our guild rummage sale....all new to me! I do subscribe to Canadian Quilter/Membership perk and the new Canadian publication Quilters Connection. I pick up the odd one at the news stand......No longer have subscriptions to American magazines They come with too hefty a price tag when you add their extra fees (because we are across the border) and exchange rates, in the end their is no savings and quite often they arrive after they are already on the store shelves.

If I'm lucky, the person next to me in the ER has a quilted bag of reading to share :-)

scrappy nanna said...

I subscribe to two,Quiltmaker and Amer Patchwork and Quilting. These are my two very favs.I will sometimes pick up Fons and Porter if there is something interesting....These mags lend themselves to more traditional quilts which I love with some artsy ones thrown in.

Libby said...

I have been a loyal AP&Q subscriber for over 10 years, but lately I've begun to wonder why? When we moved, I went through every single issue and tossed many, pulled a few 'someday' patterns to lighten the load. It's an ambitious selection already - so why keep adding to the pile? I could use the $$ for fabric instead *s*

Jean said...

I am only subscribing to 2 magazines now, but love them...I save all mine too so that I can look through them later. I end up buying more while shopping, so should just subscribe!

Greenmare said...

well??? is he okay? oh my goodness! What a way to get out of the house!!!! Another magazine I drool over and can never afford is Cloth, Paper Scissors.

Diana LaMarre said...

I was a huge mag addict BTI (before the internet). At one time I was getting over 20 different magazines.

I now find that I get much more inspiration from blogs like yours. My last quilting magazine expired last year -- Quilting Newsletter.

I don't even miss the magazines because I have no time to read them. With working full time and trying to keep up with posting and reading other blogs, my time is all used up!