Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

I wish you a happy Easter or Passover or whatever you are celebrating at this time of year. The weather here has been glorious and unseasonably warm and sunny.
Today I will pretend to be "Peter Rabbit" and hide these eggs filled with money and chocolate for my children and nieces and nephews to find. Usually I have to hide the eggs inside because it is cold and snowy outside, but not this year!!
And then I will pretend to be "little Suzy homemaker" and make scalloped potatoes and ham for 10 people for supper. I already made Judy's easter egg strawberry pie for dessert and it turned out great! Thanks for another great recipe Judy!
And then I will pretend to not be tired and hope to find some time for quilting because I have these 3 bindings finished and ready to put on a quilt...but none of the quilts are close to being finished! I just really love making and stitching down the bindings, so I get that step ready to bribe myself to make progress on the quilt :) I can't seem to bring myself to work on my brown quilt, and only want to work on spring coloured projects these days!
And speaking of spring colours, look at this pastel sunset I saw out my window last night. It had all the colours of, yellow, pink,  purple, and blue!


  1. Happy Easter! Things look pretty festive over there with your strawberry pie and candy filled eggs. I hope those bindings waiting anxiously will motivate a finish -- kind of like a finished dessert sitting and waiting for you.

  2. What a gorgeous sky - it does look just like Easter eggs!

  3. We had a beautiful sunset on Friday night, lots of pinks and purples too....
    I like to do the binding before I finish the quilting but I have lost two to date. Just misplaced somewhere in my sewing room. Had to use something else. Now if I do the binding I try to keep it with the quilt as much as possible...