Monday, April 19, 2010

Design Wall Monday #16

Not much got accomplished in quiltland this week, but I enjoyed putzing along on my various projects at a snail's pace.
Here is my design wall as of last night. Slowly getting the piano key border sewn for this quilt. I don't have enough length on any of these yet. Since I enlarged the quilt from the original kit, I have to find some more stash pieces to add in. I'm thinking about using the smaller scraps to try to miter the keys in the corners.
While sewing this border and working on last week's project, I have also made some progress on my leader's and enders project. You can see the beginning of it last month on this blog post.
Then I found the Stitching Circle blog where Karen showed her version of Bonnie Hunter's Patches and Pinwheels design and I thought about adding in some pinwheels and turning these 4 patches into a quilt like that. But that would require buying more fabric, and I really just want to use up my scrap bags of Cherrywood fabric that I bought in Paducah last year.
And speaking of Paducah...this time last year I was in Paducah for a fabulous week of quilting fun. One of the quilters from our group last year went again this week, and the rest of us sent little shopping lists with her...well some of the lists were little, and some of us have already spent the amount she is allowed to bring over the border duty free!!  I hope she's having a blast as our professional quilt shopper this week!
If you were going to Paducah, what class would you want to take? Click here to check out the class list.  I've studied the list of classes (hey, a girl's gotta dream!) and picked out my favorites...I'd sign up for Esterita Austin's class on creating depth, or Kaffe Fassett's class on St. Mark's diamonds, and Lyric Kinard's class on surface design, or Bonnie McCaffery's Kaleidoscope piecing and...
It's 9:00...time to come back to reality and get to work.


  1. Those little bits of work on lots of projects can add up over time. Before you know it you'll be crossing another project off the list. Love the colors of those piano keys, they would make a great coin quilt just like they are.

  2. I enjoy the snails pace when quilting. I can savor each moment that way.

    You are still making progress and we know about the tortoise and the hare.

  3. This year I seem to be practicing the "snail's pace" form of quilting. I don't really like it because I like to see things completed but I do know that someday everything will get done....someday. ;-)

  4. Piano Keys......sounds like Niagra Falls....Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch.......

  5. Oh, Kathy, I like that so much! Just gorgeous...I need some Cherrywood fabrics, need them badly!

  6. Love the piano keys, great colors. And I really need to check out some Cherrywood fabric.

  7. So lovely colors! Doesn't it make you smile! Thanks for the eye candy Kathy!

    Happy sewing!

  8. the piano key border looks great.
    hugs - Ivani