Friday, April 16, 2010

Colour Co-ordination

My paying job has been exhausting the last couple of weeks as I am attending court for a local domestic violence turned attempted homicide case. (My local blog readers will know which one since it has been on the front page of the local paper most days.) It's not just the sitting there listening to the gory details of the violence and seeing the photos, since I'm used to that, but it's very draining to be so emotionally invested in a guilty verdict that may or may not be coming next week. And being in court during the day means doing my work in the evenings.
It's also exhausting because I can't quilt in the courtroom and am seriously deprived! As with all addicts, when I don't get my "fix", I get shakey and agitated and I NEED to quilt!
I was able to get the quilting finished and the binding sewn down on the baby quilt I worked on during the Masters golf tournament last Sunday. I didn't even realize until Thelma mentioned it in her comments on my blog that I unconsciously chose to be colour co-ordinated and worked on a project having the same colours as the Masters logo - green and yellow!

Last night I travelled to Barrie to do a trunk show at the Kempenfelt Quilters' Guild in Barrie, and we all know that the next best thing to actually quilting, is hanging around quilters! When I arrived I didn't know a single person there and by the time I left, I had met many interesting and wonderful people who are as addicted to quilting as I am!  Here is a photo of myself and 2 of their guild members, Muriel on the left and Vi on the right. And look at me being colour co-ordinated again...wearing matching outfits with 2 of the winners of the quiltaholic contest! What a great evening I had!


Susan said...

Ahhh..... a finish. They certainly are wonderful.

Perhaps next week at work will improve.

Zlaty said...

Sorry about your court duties. I am sure you enjoy quilting on your quilt! :) great colors!

Happy sewing!

scraphappy said...

Isn't it inconvenient when our day jobs get in the way of hobbies. Still, without jobs we have less money for fabric. The baby quilts look great -- its nice to have a finish to keep you happy until things settle down again.

Mary Johnson said...

Thankfully, I'm not involved in a court case but I know what you mean about being away from your sewing -- it's how I feel each time I come home from a trip.