Monday, February 01, 2010

UFO Wish List

As I visited some quilty blogs this weekend, I found myself leaving a few comments that said "Great job on your finished quilt! I have a UFO somewhere in my cupboards that looks something like it... I still really love that pattern".
Then I was wondering to myself "where the heck is that quilt"?!?
I wish some of my projects wouldn't become UFO's, especially quilts I really liked.
I was thinking about this last year when I wrote this post. At that time I made a secret list of my top 5 projects to finish and when I went back to review the list I was happy to see that I had finished 3 of the 5. That's pretty good!
1. Quilted Garden -  DONE!
2. Carolina Crossroads - needs a backing purchased
3. Double Delight - DONE!
4. Kaleidoscope - backing has been purchased but I still can't find it!
5. Triangles - DONE!
So, I am being really brave and posting a 2010 UFO Wish List on the right side of my blog with a link to the last mention of the project. Now don't go looking them up...some of them are sooo old that it's embarrasing! And some of them I've never mentioned because they are older than my blog!
I am going to try to be more disciplined about starting new projects willy nilly, and instead I plan to dig up these old things and make a plan to attack them at retreat this year (which is in 3 weeks!). I am going to figure out what each quilt needs to be finished and make a list.
Or if I decide that the quilt became a UFO because it's unfinishable for me, I'll put it up for adoption!
On my design wall today is the backing for my plaid shirts quilt.  I sewed the backing and the binding at the same time using this pile of scraps . It was a bit of a challenge for me to get enough fabric from my 7 shirts and there are only small scraps and pockets left. Now I am ready to baste and quilt!
Last week on Judy's blog there were over 70 design walls to peak at! Take a look this week and see what's going on in quilt blogland - click here.


Diane said...

I've been trying to "clean up my act" for a few years now (way before I found blogging and that there are tons of quilters like me trying to use the stash and complete ufo's etc!) It's a good feeling to get something finished-especially when you still really like the quilt! I think I only have 1 more unquilted top to finish (oh I'm cringing, if I say this out loud I KNOW I will find a couple more that have been in hiding...)

Teaquilts said...

I'm laughing at Diane's comment. OK, I'm envious of Diane's comment. I have too many UFOs; I just can't stop making them. Even though I finish a lot of things, I start just as many. I get hung up on the quilting as I don't have a long arm and can't afford to send "everything" out. Good luck on attacking your list of projects at retreat.

Darlene said...

Don't beat yourself up - I know you've finished many, many things -I've seen them right here on your blog. Just enjoy - isn't that what you've told me countless times. :-) I've been working really hard at using up my stash or trying to figure out a way to get rid of it. LOL

KatieQ said...

I keep telling myself that it is more important to enjoy what I am doing than to produce a product. I think that's an excuse not to deal with my UFOs.
I might follow your lead and post a list of UFOs I want to finish. Maybe that will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Zlaty said...

Congratulations on finishing so many quilts! That is the hard part for me - finishing! :))

Happy sewing!

Mary said...

Glad to see a list as long as mine. I took the challenge to post my UFO's in the sidebar this year too. I even put my SBS Blocks on there and have 7 left to do! It works!

The Calico Cat said...

"Great job on your finished quilt! I have a UFO somewhere in my cupboards that looks something like it... I still really love that pattern".

I've caught myself saying or thinking very similar things.

Libby said...

Great job with your finishes . . . I should do the same - but there's always a new one to start. I have no will-power *s*

Unknown said...

well, you certainly were productive finishing your UFO's. I love the idea of the Top Ten, it's not so over-powering then . . . thanks for the great idea and keep up the good work!

julieQ said...

I have too many UFO's to list...I tried! It really is embarassing. I am making progress, though! You know...I am loving those plaids!!

Barb in Mi said...

Ok, here is my take: you rock because 3 out of 5 UFO's are done! Now it's another year and 11 months to go, so don't worry, be happy - and sew...

Barb in Mi said...

Me - again. I peeked (I know I wasn't supposed to, sorry) at your Kaleidoscope quilt and have to say: wow - and you are way ahead of the times. They have an almost identical pattern in the March/ April 2010 McCalls Quilting magazine on page 42. Slightly different in the middle, but very close.