Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another BeAttitudes block done

I started my BeAttitudes quilt in the summer of 2008 when it was a block of the month at Reichard's. I completed 2 of the blocks fairly quickly, which to me means I sewed them in the same year as I got the fabric! But then I got distracted by other quilts, and the project box got pushed farther and farther into the closet.
Now it is on my UFO wish list and I'm determined to work on it.
This week I stitched the ant's legs and finished Block #3...."Be Positive".
I am happier with the size of my buttonhole stitch as compared to the stitches I used in block #2 , especially around the angel's head which were too big. And I am getting quicker at buttonhole stitching around the letters.

Ta da - here are my first 3 blocks finished. I'm already 1/4 of the way there :)
Did you get a chance to listen to Bonnie Hunter interviewed on Pat Sloan's radio show? It was really interesting and I was inspired to get my stash into a more workable state...another thing for me to work on in 2010! You can download the podcasts of Pat's Creative Talk Radio here. The most recent podcast is an interview with Heidi Kaisand focusing on machine quilting. I just love listening to people talk about quilting while I'm you think I'm a quiltaholic?!?


Zlaty said...

Your blocks look great Kathy!
I have to start the second and finish the first. Thank you for the inspiration!
I thought Be positive block will be perfect for me because my Birthday is in Match.:-))
Happy sewing!

Diane said...

Hi, my name is Diane, and I'm a quiltaholic too. I did listen to Bonnie last week-neat to hear their voices.
I have the Be Attitudes book but so far have only made one block, I'd like to make the quilt but I'm working on Many Thanks (an older Nancy Halverson book) Your blocks and stitching look great!

Candace said...

What cozy blocks. I'm a fan of country or primitive, and I love them, not to mention that they have great messages, too.
Yes, I think you are!

The Cozy Quilter said...

My name is Gail and I am a quiltaholic too. A day without quilting is like a day without sunshine! Your blocks are looking great! I need to make a UFO list too...

Darlene said...

Cute, cute blocks. This was a project I wanted (want) to do so badly but never got started. It'll be fun to watch your progress, Kathy.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Adorable blocks! :-) Happy stitching!

Libby said...

What fun blocks - they will make a darling quilt.

Comfort Cove Designs said...

LOVE those blocks!!!! I think of the three you have completed my favourite is the snowman.. but then I am a sucker for snowmen!

I know what you mean about starting a BOM and making one or two blocks then it gets put to the side. I started a Hot Chocolate Snowman BOM last year. I have one block made and the rest are still in the mailing packages!!! Bad Andrea... Bad Andrea..... This BOM is also planned in my 2010 UFO challenge to myself!!! Good luck with yours! It's looking fabulous so far!

Quiltingly Yours